Three Occupational Diseases Family Massage Therapy

Three “Occupational Diseases” Family Massage Therapy

√ 1. Main points of pharyngitis: 突 tiantu point, located in the depression between the two clavicle.
  Hegu Point, which is commonly known as Tiger Mouth Point.
  Sanyinjiao points, with the medial ankle straight up to the four horizontal fingers (except for the thumb, the horizontal distance of the other four fingers close together).
  Operation method: 1.
Close the throat method.
Sit or lie down, or ask your family members to use their right thumb, index finger, middle finger, and ring finger on the left and right sides of the laryngeal knot respectively, hold the laryngeal knot, and shake quickly up and down.
  Be careful not to pinch too tightly, and the shaking force should not be too heavy, so as not to cause choking or even suffocation.

Rub the Tiantu acupoint at the end of the right middle finger.
1-2 minutes, the strength should be gentle, not too heavy.

Knead Lianghegu points separately.
1-3 minutes.

Rub two or three Yinjiao points.
3-5 minutes, there is a degree of soreness.
  Note: Pharyngitis should be treated after the doctor’s clear diagnosis.
If there are prolonged hoarseness, weight loss, low fever, sore throat, or even blood in the sputum, certain organic diseases such as laryngeal cancer, tuberculosis, and lung cancer should be excluded.
  √ Second, the main points of cervical spondylosis: Qifengchi acupoint, which is equivalent to the depression of the posterior hairline angle, one on the left and one on the left.
  Fengfu Point is equivalent to the midpoint of Fengchi Point.
  Dazhui, the depression under the highest vertebral body of the neck when you lower your head.
  The shoulder well point is equivalent to the midpoint of the line between the lateral margin of the shoulder and the Dazhui point, one on each side.
  Operation method: 1.
The family supported the patient’s forehead with his left hand to fix the head, and rubbed the patient’s Fengfu with the thumb of his right hand.
3-5 minutes, use proper force, not overweight.
  2.After the method, the surgeon rubbed the left and right Fengchi points of the patient with his right thumb and index finger.
For 3-5 minutes, exert the force as the patient can accept it.
  3.After finishing the method, the surgeon then rubbed Dazhui with his right thumb and thumb.
For 1-3 minutes, take local skin redness as the degree.
  4.Then rub the patient’s shoulders and acupoints with the thumbs of both hands.
Note: Female patients should not rub their shoulder wells during pregnancy to avoid miscarriage and premature birth.
If accompanied by dizziness, headache, vomiting and other symptoms, after diagnosis and exclusion of other diseases.
The surgeon can fix the patient’s forehead with his left hand, with his right hand’s food, middle and ring fingers slightly apart, and using the fingertips as the point of force, from the patient’s left temple to the ear tip, comb the vertebra to the ipsilateral Fengchi.
Followed by right hand fixation, left hand surgery.Operate left and right for 5-10 minutes.

  √ Third, the main points of lumbar muscle strain: lumbar pain points (we call them Ashi points) or pain areas.

  Chengfu Point, at the midpoint of the lower edge of the chest muscles, one on each side.