[Potato Noodles Practice Guide]_Potato Noodles_How to Make_How to Make

[Potato Noodles Practice Guide]_Potato Noodles_How to Make_How to Make

After the weather is hot, many people always feel that they have no appetite, and their appetite is not very good. At this time, you can eat more light vegetable noodles. The most popular one is potato noodles.Cumbersome, more suitable for making at home on holidays.

Ingredients: 35 kg of mashed potatoes, 20 kg of water at 100 ° C, 35 kg of strong wheat flour, 1 kg of paste, and 0 salt.

1 kg.

The production method is made from the specialty potatoes of Hokkaido, Japan.

First the potatoes are washed with water to remove the skin and roots.

Add the cooking pot and steam until soft.

Use a roller or blender to crush the potatoes and stir them into a stuffing. Put them into another container and dry them in a drying room at high temperature to form mashed potatoes.

The processed mashed potatoes still retain the special flavor of the potatoes.

Mix 20 kg of 100 ° C water in 35 kg of mashed potatoes and stir.

Then mix wheat flour (powerful flour).

Then add the paste made from strong powder and common salt and stir well.

During the stirring process, the filtrate gradually hardened from the thick paste in the beginning. After the sticky cake was formed, it could be processed into noodles.

The above paste is made by stirring with 1 part of water and 1 part of strong powder, and then stirring with low heat while boiling.

Potato noodles made by the original law are usually eaten. They can also be stored and dried after drying or used for fried bread and pasty fried noodles.