When is the best time to apply the mask?


When is the best time to apply the mask?

For women, there is no more comfortable way to spend time than to make a mask.

But what time of day is the best time to apply the mask?

Here’s a detailed answer for everyone . Q: When is the best time to apply the mask in a day?

  A: 12 pm to 3 am is the time for the skin to self-repair damaged cells. Therefore, it is best to apply it before or before bedtime.

  Q: Is it better to apply the mask longer?

  A: Leave the mask on the edge for 15 minutes, unless it is specifically noted.

Do not think that the longer the mask is applied, the more nutrients the skin can absorb. The actual situation is just the opposite, because after applying the mask, it will cause hypoxia in the face. Over a long time, it will not turn white, but will affect the skin.As a result of normal breathing, nutrients cannot be absorbed normally. In severe cases, the complexion will appear yellow.

  Q: Can the mask be applied?

  A: Don’t think that the longer you apply the mask, the better it will be for your skin.

In fact, when the mask is slowly dried by the skin in the blink of an eye, it will in turn absorb the moisture from the face.

Therefore, when you wake up, you will find that the skin is drier and tighter than before.

  Q: The thicker the mask, the better?

  A: Most of the masks are indeed more effective if they are applied thicker, because the mask must be thick enough to cover every inch of skin and fully exert the effects of the mask.

  Q: Can I apply the mask every day?

  A: Due to the different nature of the mask, the number of times of use every week is also different.

Deep cleansing masks are not suitable for daily use. This will make immature keratin lose its ability to resist external damage. On the contrary, if it can match the skin’s renewal cycle this month, the repair effect will be more significant.

  Q: While using a bath, apply a moisturizing mask. Can water vapor make the effect better?

  A: In fact, the best time to apply a moisturizing mask is after bathing, not during bathing.

Because after the bath, the pores can expand and the skin can absorb more nutrients.

  Q: Is it better to use the mask after refrigerated?

  A: After cold storage, the mask will definitely help the skin absorb nutrients, and it will bring soothing and calming effects to the skin.

However, some facial masks may deteriorate the ingredients and should not be applied after being refrigerated, so you should pay attention to the characteristics and description of individual facial masks.

  Popular Mask Ranking-Popular Mask NO.

1 Cream-based maintenance mask HR Helena Crystal Diamond Whitening Mask From the perspective of skin maintenance effects, the effect of some disposable cleansing cream-based maintenance masks is similar to that of ordinary night creams, and many improved high-tech slight tearsMost of the masks also belong to this type. The modified version of the mask does not hurt the skin anymore. It is also known by experts as the two most effective mask types in the mask industry.

  Popular mask NO.

2 mud mask cleansing mask LANCOME Lancome warm seaweed essence mask is mostly made of natural mud, kaolin as a powder mask, it will dry to a large extent, under its strong seal, the pores are dirtyExcess oil will be absorbed and removed to achieve a deep cleansing effect. It is also a basic mask that all skins need.

  Popular mask NO.

3 gel-type detoxifying mask Biotherm Crystal White Purifying OFF / ON mask combination puts on people to feel a cool or fever-like gel mask, the former is most suitable for refreshing and moisturizing in summer or soothing and calming after sun, and most of them areA dual-effect mask that can be applied and massaged at the same time can promote skin metabolism and improve dullness and fatigue.

  Popular mask NO.

4 One-piece Essence Mask LANCOME Lancome Gold Pure Nourishing Concentrated Weaving Mask In Asia, I do n’t know how many such popular one-piece masks to apply every year, and this one-piece mask that is easy to carry and does not stick to your handsIt is based on the principle of concentration and concentration according to the proportion of essence, and it is not necessary to rinse after application. It is very convenient and quick-acting. No wonder MMs are addicted as soon as they are used.