Tips for buying skincare online to avoid fakes


Tips for buying skincare online to avoid fakes

Online shopping has become more and more popular now, and many MMs like to buy skin care products online because there are too many brands that do not have a counter in China, and the online price is cheaper than the counter.

However, the most worrying thing about skin care products purchased online is the authenticity of skin care products. Among the friends I know, some are fooled.

Today, let’s learn the methods and tips to avoid fake products when buying skin care products online!

  First of all, teach you how to look at credibility and choose seller tricks. 1 “Drilling” is fake, you can’t just look at credibility and collections. Maybe you find that it is easy to see some illegal advertisements such as “paid diamonds, red crowns, collections, etc.” on the Internet., Credibility seems to have become the biggest problem of online shopping today.

Do n’t you still rely on this method to select sellers?

Then you are really OUT!

Now “red credibility” can be done with money. A diamond only costs 200 yuan, a crown only 500 yuan, and 10 yuan for 10,000 collections.

No matter how high the credibility and collection, it may be rushed out of money.

If you want to shop online and want to pick a seller, these can only be used as a reference, not a full letter.

You should know that many times, the sellers with low credibility, their credibility is gradually accumulated through the sale of goods, although less is true, but two months to rush to a few diamond shops, the suspiciousness is very large.

Want to sell three diamonds for 1001?
2,000 products too!

  Trick 2 Take a closer look at the evaluation text given by the buyer. If you click on the seller’s credit history, you can see his sales records and evaluations for the past three months.

These are the basis for judging the reputation of a seller.

Don’t just look at a few, but look at a few more pages. The more shopping the buyer writes, the more authentic the sales record is.

In addition to the high praise rate, you must also look at the reasons for the middle and poor reviews. If it is only the delivery delay or the wrong delivery, it is understandable, as long as it is not a product quality problem, it will be OK!

  Trick 3 Selecting merchants with special security services is more assured. Many shopping platforms now offer some services and commitment guarantees for sellers.

Taking Taobao as an example, “fake one loses three” is such a guarantee service.

In addition, Taobao Mall’s “authentication guarantee” and “7 days return and exchange” and other services are also the only choice.

  After that, teach you how to buy products. Trick 4 Don’t buy “auction products”. Many online products, including cosmetics, use auctions to attract everyone’s attention. The starting price is often shocking. These products are generally more or less problematic.
In addition to some malicious offenders, there are many fakes. One seller once said this: “Fake fake auctions are best sold. For a few dollars, it will double several times in three shots!

Therefore, we must be cautious when buying “auction goods”, and it is better to “not participate”.

  Trick 5 is not greedy and cheap, and does not buy outrageously priced products, which are so-called “authentic”. Goods with reliable sources and quality have their corresponding reasonable prices.

For cosmetics, the price is generally 5?
About 20% off, there are also some cheaper products that need to pay attention to the shelf life or whether there are problems with quality and packaging.

However, if there is any problem with genuine products, the price will never be too low. Don’t be greedy for this cheap, the packaging will not drop in the sky, the price is very strange, the price is ridiculous, you are the one who suffers!

  Trick 6 Don’t be deceived by the seller’s verbal promise and baby description. Some unreliable sellers like to use some verbal promise to blind the buyer and gain your trust. This is also called “sales skills.”

Don’t believe what they say “it must be genuine, accept counter inspection” and so on.

May I ask, will they themselves acknowledge the sale of fake goods with a slogan?

How many buyers can actually go to the counter to inspect the goods?

Even when inspecting the goods, any counter has no obligation to issue any inspection vouchers. In the end, no evidence can be produced, and the complaint can only be considered unlucky.

It is true that some sellers have written Hong Kong goods and A goods in the description of the baby, but if you don’t look carefully, it will not be easy to find these descriptions.

Therefore, you must read the description of the baby carefully before you buy, otherwise you will lose yourself.

  Finally, teach you how to sign the goods and protect your rights and tricks. 7 When you receive the goods, you must inspect the goods at that time. When you get the long-awaited baby with joy, please pay attention. Be calm!

This is a critical moment for various problems with a single product.

You must unpack the package in front of the courier and carefully check whether the product is damaged, whether the physical description is consistent, etc., and then confirm and sign for it. Once you find that there is a problem with the product, you must refuse to receive it.

It is your right to check whether the goods are in good condition when you receive them. If the courier excuses you, you must not give in.

  Trick 8 Reconfirm and evaluate after trial. Some products are not immediately discernible, especially fake cosmetics. In many cases, the packaging alone does not show any flaws. Only through use, I feel its size, smell and contact.The skin can recognize the authenticity.
So remind everyone not to confirm and evaluate the seller immediately after receiving the goods.

The automatic receipt confirmation period (automatic payment to the seller after a certain period of time is set by the online shopping platform) is the 15th day after the seller has shipped, and the evaluation (the system can accept the praise after the certain period of time is set by the online shopping platform) is the 45th day.
Therefore, your probation period is very sufficient. You should use observation carefully, and there is no problem. You can confirm and evaluate it in time.

  Trick 9 Buy a fake and complain about it at the end, and give you another trick if you have been deceived.

If you think you have been deceived, don’t panic, you should contact the seller through various methods as soon as possible.

If you cannot contact or communicate, immediately complain to the online shopping platform.

In the complaint, the user name of the seller, the product number accompanying the transaction, the picture, the date of the transaction, the remittance slip or the mailing list at the time of returning the goods, etc. should be clearly written.

Of course, if there is a screenshot of the chat history with the seller, it is even better.

These are important pieces of evidence.

Online shopping platforms generally receive 5?
Get in touch with you within 10 working days.

During this time, be sure to pay careful attention to the time after the seller ships.

As long as the refund status is maintained, the money will not be transferred to the seller’s account.

For online scammers or bad merchants, once the evidence is sufficient, the online shopping platform will protect the interests of the buyers. As long as the payment is not confirmed, the cheated amount will be repaid in full.