What to do if the child does not like to eat and picky eaters-

What to do if the child does not like to eat and picky eaters?

Click-to-buy people often encounter such problems. Children who eat poorly are also partial. If this phenomenon persists for a long time, it is still very unfavorable to the growth and development of children.

In this critical period of development, it is still important to add sufficient nutrition and develop a good diet, so as to continuously improve the child’s health, so what should children do if they do not like to eat and picky eaters?

  1. Reduce foods beyond meals.

Although it is necessary to give snacks, it should not be overdone, especially if junk foods are not given in order to prevent children from eating more snacks and causing them to eat upside down.

  2. Promote your child’s appetite.

If the child is not hungry, of course, he ca n’t eat. If the parents just force the child to eat, it will cause adverse effects. Try to promote the child ‘s appetite, such as: increase his activity, his belly really feels hungry, naturally it will notResist eating.

If the baby has a bad appetite, parents can appropriately take a proprietary Chinese medicine with a small appetite for the baby.

  3, take great care and make changes in the dishes.

In a balanced diet, parents can substitute a variety of foods for rice and noodles on weekdays.

For example, sometimes potatoes are used as the main course, and some vegetables are served together to have a nutritious and hearty meal.

  4. Involve children in the cooking process.

For example: go to the market to buy food, help to bring home, wash the fruit together . etc., you can even ask your child’s opinions and ask your child to help you cook together. The child can not only have a sense of participation but also understand how to cookEvery step before, long prefers to eat.

  5, add fun to eating.

When feeding your children to eat, add some relaxed and lively tone, so that eating is no longer just about eating, and turning the moment and way of eating into fun things.

In fact, many problems will be encountered during the growth of the baby. The key lies in how to solve them, and do not change anything according to your or your baby’s needs.

  The above is a clear introduction to how children do not like to eat and picky eaters, and everyone must have in mind.

No matter what causes the child’s poor appetite, they need to find ways to solve the problem. As long as they can gradually improve the child’s eating habits and continue to increase their appetite, they can eat normally.

A few vegetables that help men to gain weight

A few vegetables that help men to gain weight

Chinese people pay attention to diet and health. If they are full of mouthfeel, they can also get the effect of “aphrodisiac and kidney”, which is really useful.

In fact, the green onions, leeks, and onions that are often eaten in daily life have such effects. They have many benefits for men, and even can be called “men’s dishes”.

  ”Aphrodisiac masters” shallots: shallots are rich in a variety of nutrients, which can relax blood vessels and promote blood circulation, which is very good for cardiovascular.

Modern medical research shows that the various vitamins in green onions can ensure the normal secretion of human hormones and can effectively stimulate sexual desire, thereby “aphrodisiac and tonic”.

For men, eating green onions or chives 3 times a week can be cooked, served cold, or used as a flavoring agent.

  ”Vegetarian Viagra” Leek: Leek has the effects of warming the middle and lowering the qi, nourishing the kidney and benefiting yang, while enhancing the efficacy, it also has excellent therapeutic effects on male erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, etc. Therefore, ancient medical books are called “Aphrodisiac”Modern people also give it the title of “Veggie Viagra”.

However, it should be noted that leeks are not easy to digest and cannot be eaten too much at one time.

  ”Queen of dishes” onion: Onion has multiple functions such as anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, diuretic and antidiarrheal, blood sugar lowering, blood lipid lowering, cholesterol lowering, blood pressure lowering and so on. It is the only plant known to contain prostaglandins to protect the prostate.

It is not only the copyright of the “queen of dishes”, but also an aphrodisiac.

There are many ways to eat onions. If you want to give full play to its “men’s dishes” effect, you may wish to destroy onion fried eggs or onion fried beef.

Single day

Single day

Being single is of course a state. Being single, it can also be a choice or a declaration, but there is such a woman who runs single as a brand, and this woman looks very beautiful, even beautiful, she is stillVery talented, writing plays, opening columns, and publishing books, so I have to worry about surprise and envy.

This woman is Wu Nan.

  Before the single day, Guangzhou TV’s “Women’s Time and Space” specially produced a program for her-“The Single Day”.

It takes a lot of courage to go to this kind of show. A lot of people at the scene think that you are full of talents and talents. Why look for a man?

Isn’t this person sick?

Although a single nobleman sounds good, not everyone can afford it-once you say that you are a proud and dear beautiful deer, and then you say that you are a sick and sick cat of Luo Tuo; once you say that you are brave and smartThe strong general, for a while, said that you were a defeated soldier who evaded responsibility; for a while, that you were the new darling of fashion, and when you were lonely and hiding, that was another kind of . Wang Nan that day should be said to be a sick cat, sickThe hospital, came out after asking for leave, but as soon as he got in front of the camera, Wu Nan was full.

The host joked, “I know why you don’t have a man. Your name is broken. Wu Nan is no man.”

However, Wu Nan was sincerely ranked. I am single, but I am free.

  Yeah, just for this freedom, Wu Nan can “my morning starts at noon”, can buy clothes for thousands of dollars, just take a few beautiful photos of singles in the afternoon, can eat French dinner today, drink plain water tomorrowCold buns, you can go out crazy when you are happy all night and shut yourself down for a month.

  Such days are of course indulgent and joyful, but over time, will there be other distress.

“Single happiness”, this phrase just appears to be particularly tragic for many women, because it whitewashes a lot of loneliness and sadness that can’t be easily spoken, so is Wu Nan the same?

I used to ask her “gossip” so why don’t you talk about love, talk about love, or find a lover.

She smiled and said, is it necessary?

“Don’t find a lover” is Wu Nan’s slogan, and “Suiyuan” is Wu Nan’s attitude towards feelings.

Although it’s all vernacular, it’s true.

  Wu Nan is actually not short of men. On the contrary, Wu Nan is very manly.

No matter in which circle, because of her beauty and wisdom, Wu Nan has always been the focus of men’s attention. Wu Nan does not hold friendly relations with them, so in this sense, she has many “boy” friends.

  Wu Nan’s emotional world is by no means deserted.

“Along the way, you and I, together, have fun and enjoy the taste of Mai Yuhua, the mood kingdom .”-This is the end of Wu Nan’s prose.

Can a woman who writes such beautiful and emotional sentences be women who do not understand love?

  I choose to be single for that freedom, to have that independent personality and the confidence to survive.

Suiyuan, because a career can be planned, love can never be arranged.

Wait, wait for the trembling moment in that life . Niuzi’s story “Niuzi”, which is a pen name of Wu Nan.

Wu Nan said, I like these two words-“girl” very much, because it brings me back to my childhood and back to my hometown.

  More than ten years ago, a little girl filled in the Chinese Department of Sun Yat-Sen University on her college entrance examination volunteer form, just because she found in the admissions brochure that the South China University had a dreamlike green meadow.
She said to her mother, “Sun Yat-sen University is as beautiful as a park. I will return after reading four years.

“After four years, the girl didn’t go back. The girl stayed in the hot and prosperous but prosperous south. With the few dramas she created during her college days, she entered the Cantonese Theatre and didProfessional screenwriter.

  The girl said: “What I am enamored with and love is the heavy stage surrounded by three black velvet curtains.

“Because of this fascination, the girl wrote the experimental drama” AIDS, AIDS “, and wrote a large-scale drama” Urban Dreaming “.

And because the girl was really a girl who couldn’t rest, she began to write TV series: “Time Doll”, “Days Like Water”, and also participated in the creation of “Heroes Without Regret”.

The girl likes to write biographies. She said that the story of the host often makes her feel wonderful. The 330,000-character “Houhou’s Family Biography” was written to the girl with hard work and excitement.The book market responded well.

The greedy girl is not satisfied, and she has opened essay columns in newspapers in Guangzhou, Hong Kong and other places: “Fashion Story”, “Exquisite Life”, “Skylight Slang”. Just looking at these column names, you can imagine thatIt’s some great ingenious text.

All this, in Niu Zi’s own words, is called “owning the stage, and gently crossing the stage .” As a friend, I often feel ashamed of the girl’s vigorous talent and extraordinary strength.At that time, I would like to see, in that log-scented hut, the girl lit a table lamp with a painted pottery cover, a pot of hot new tea or a rich fragrant coffee, a touch of music, a light thought, sent fromOne end hangs down, the girl lowers her head, writes on a thick piece of manuscript paper, writes . Forever woman “fashion dance, stepping on the flying debris of grass and flowers, rocking and rolling to ——Life, often start like this . “This is the inscription of Wu Nan ‘s recently published personal picture collection” Hongyan “. This beautiful woman has a natural perception of beauty, and good art training, both make herChoosing becomes a poetic pursuit.

  In “Hong Yan”, Wu Nan wrote her exquisitely swaying earrings, her voluptuous and enchanting bracelets, her “clothing mood”, and her “mood background”.

Wu Nan likes the Australian “Sheraton” brand of gorgeous flower cloth with painting touch, like rattan blue grass baskets sold on streets, and simple earthen pots filled with large clusters of dried flowers, candle sesame oilIt exudes a dreamy fragrance in the air, and likes to sit and chat with a good friend holding hot tea on a wet and cold night in winter, while the small stove in the kitchen grumbles the aroma of beef sauce . This stylish woman has a childA heart that is pure and playful, sometimes lightly wrapped in makeup, sometimes red and green, no worries.

A few years ago, Wu Nan participated in the “International Symposium on Contemporary Chinese Drama” in Hong Kong Antiques. The famous playwright Sha Yexin saw Wu Nan on stage and couldn’t help but call her “Miss Christmas Tree” because of this combThe girl with a fragile marijuana flower is in a strange costume and is full of fun and funny gadgets.

A few years later, Wu Nan went to the theater for further studies, and Sha Yexin gave Wu Nan a teething ceremony. She invited her to eat in Shanghai ‘s most famous atmosphere restaurant, watching Wu Nan gobbling up, and could n’t help laughing: “ChildEat slowly, save me some face, otherwise I can only tell the waiter that I picked it up from the road.

“This lovely woman also has a biggest hobby-taking pictures.Anyone familiar with Wu Nan knows that she is a veritable “photographer”. In her thick album, it is her collection of nearly 10,000 photos.

Wu Nan never enters the photo studio. She likes real beauty. When I wrote this article, she also told me beautifully that she bought thousands of pieces in one go in order to match the pictures of a fashion publication outside the province.Money clothes.

She said to me, do n’t spend so much money eating, drinking, and having fun in the future, it ‘s better to buy clothes and take pictures. This is an invisible “spiritual wealth”.

  I have a photo that Wu Nan gave me: sitting on the concrete steps, short hair, slightly sideways head, mystery beyond smile, a pair of floral shoes, a blue-bottomed floral cloth, dull white cotton linenThe bag was slanting obliquely, with five words on it-“Forever Woman”.

Yeah, Wu Nan, girl, this forever woman . her writing, her dress, and her aesthetics are so gorgeous, friends like to use “colorful Wu Nan”, “”Exaggerated Wu Nan” to describe her, no matter what, a single woman in her thirties needs great courage to make her life better every day.

  There is always a reason for color, and there is always a sense of fashion in fashion. When Wu Nan, a “Beijing girl” living in Guangzhou, built and operated a single as a brand, we saw a dancing personBeautiful flower butterfly .

Five modes of job search

Five modes of job search

First, the horse-style horse-style is the form of recruitment fair.

Whether it is a large or small dialogue, it is like a bazaar.

In the past few years, the title conference was very popular in Beijing. Various job fairs were released on TV, newspapers and radio stations, and the scale became larger and larger.

From its nature, it is run by the government and hosted by the head office of each bureau, as well as trade unions and women’s federations.

There are more and more participating in the conference. There were more than four large-scale recruitment fairs held in our city last year alone. There were more than 13,000 participating units, an increase of 10% over the previous year.Everyday is scarce.

The seminar has its own advantages: it is very intuitive, employers and job seekers can communicate face-to-face, understand each other, and it works quickly, and sometimes they can reach an agreement on the spot.

  Second, the matching type is different from the horse-style type. The matching type of employment introduction uses modern technology to enter job search information on the internal information release network. Recruitment units can directly see the applicable talents from above.Use the touch screen provided by the employment agency to find the job you are looking for.

Although the two sides did not meet, the purpose could be achieved.

For example, the Beijing Labor and Social Security Bureau’s Beijing labor network has formed a secondary management. The secondary network includes eight districts and counties and 25 bureau headquarters. The tertiary network has begun to extend to the streets.

The biggest characteristic of using this kind of internal network is that, by publishing information by itself, the blindness of the conversation meeting is overcome and the success rate is improved.

Employers and job applicants can inquire information from the Internet at any time.

Compared with seminars, it is more flexible, while saving time and money, and is popular with employers and job seekers.

It is difficult for those with weak job search ability to achieve employment success in this way.

  Third, the guiding style is a more comprehensive and practical way of job introduction based on the matching style.

It is of great help to people with employment difficulties and students facing employment.

At present, a considerable number of laid-off workers have difficulties in finding jobs because they are too old, low in culture, and single-skilled, and it is difficult to find a satisfactory job.

In addition, some people’s ideas are still the same as they were in the planned economy. They need to guide the personnel to integrate and guide them ideologically, conceptually, and grasping policies.

For newly graduated students, most of them have a perfect dream for the future, but it is difficult to give everyone a satisfactory answer in real life.

Therefore, these people also need to be given employment assistance and employment guidance.

It is necessary to take a one-on-one, face-to-face vocational guidance for these people, to provide job seekers with a full range of services such as employment plan design, job search methods and skills, policy and regulatory consulting, employment psychoanalysis, job recommendation, and vocational training.

The success rate of vocational guidance is relatively high. If the success rate of the bridle-style connection meeting is 5%, the matching type can reach 15%, and the vocational guidance type is higher than 20%. The vocational guidance type is currently a widely used occupation in the worldMeans of introduction.
  Fourth, media-style newspapers in Beijing so far have opened up recruitment sections in order to better serve readers. There is a full-page recruitment information every week, and tofu blocks that can be seen every day.You can’t avoid it.

Too many units are saying “urgent employment” and “high-paying sincere employment”.

Therefore, the author collected some recent newspapers and called the 30 recruitment units. Please see the following figure: 17 have been recruited, accounting for 56% of the total; 6 continue to recruit, accounting for20% of the total number; 4 companies with unrestricted recruitment, accounting for 13% of the total; 2 outdated information, accounting for 6% of the total; 1 company with no answering phone, accounting for 3% of the total

What is the reason for the above situation?

The author believes that there are several reasons. One is that the recruitment effect is very good. The other is that the registration requires a certain interval, which is converted for three days. It has grown for more than a week and has participated in job fairs. The third is that some units have recruited.Not so many positions, some two or three, and some recruit only one.

It can be seen that the current recruitment methods have strong vitality.

  Fifth, the web-based hundreds of career websites provide thousands of job opportunities, and at the same time, there are tens of thousands of job applicants’ resumes.

Too many people’s resumes are written seamlessly. No matter what talent you need, they will appear on the screen. Some people with real talents will often be watched by the entire unit.

Too many newly graduated college students occasionally try a small job on the computer network, but I did not expect to find a suitable job soon.

And wages are not low.

According to relevant reports, the success rate of online recruitment has reached 13%, and this number is expected to increase later.

With the development of science and technology, people work and work hard for fast ways, and seeking employment through computer networks is the long-term preferred way for people.

Recruiters consider the Internet to be a huge source of information and meet new job seekers and future partners every day.

However, the recruitment process cannot be done solely via the Internet.

Even if the job site’s work efficiency is quite high, without the intervention and assistance of the above-mentioned various methods, the specific details of the employer’s work, the culture, and the personal needs of the job seeker cannot be well communicated.

Finding the right talent or job seeker through the Internet is not always possible.

The path to online job development is still long.

Never marry for these reasons

Never marry for these reasons

We can’t force marriage to be the purest crystallization of love, and in the face of such a big choice in life, a difference in thought may make you regret it all your life.

  The first dangerous reason for marriage is downgraded to marry for marriage.

  The second dangerous reason for marriage is to flee the family.

This is a common mistake girls make.

In order to escape from an unhappy home, or to escape from discipline, and yearn for freedom, girls often use marriage to achieve their goals.

In fact, this is basically a kind of false independence.

Blind marriage is just a jump from one fire pit to another.

Flying out of my home, thinking that marriage is a change of lifestyle and a new life, but it is a childish dream.

  The third dangerous reason to marry is to be “children”. Regrettably, despite the convenience of contraception, such old stories still happen very frequently.

Although the version of the new era is slightly different, when the woman accepts the man’s marriage, although she says that the other party is just a stallion, she is brave to be an unmarried mother, but it is still old wine in new bottles.

I was afraid that I wanted to lock in the hearts of others, and I was locked in.

  The fourth dangerous reason to marry is to disobey the parents.

No one can deny the magic of love, but whether parents think that their children are too young, or that their children choose an inappropriate lover, they may cause profound rebellious psychology.

Especially in scenes with rebellious character, they often resist in order to resist.

Keep in mind, however, that this may be the worst and worst time to fight a parental statement.

  The fifth dangerous reason to get married is to marry a beetle and find a rich man.

A woman is looking for a golden mountain to lean on. Who can say bad?

Everything looks at money and still seeks for money, I’m afraid that other aspects may not be as good as it is!
The sixth dangerous reason for marriage is just that he is a handsome guy, Da Liangzai.

Good-looking men and women love everyone, and the power of beauty is invincible.

Only the beauty and other necessary conditions are put into practice, but it becomes a tragedy, and don’t forget that the appearance of depreciation is very high!
The seventh dangerous reason for marriage is sex.

Believe it or not, men are more likely to be victims of sex.

Men often marry not the favorite in their hearts, but the woman who uses them to restrain them.

  The first dangerous reason to get married is because I am lonely.

Modern people are not afraid of loneliness.

Men and women entangled because of loneliness.

Rather arguing and killing is better than being alone.

  The ninth dangerous reason for marriage seeks a sense of security.

The sense of security cannot be given by others except to yourself.

Think about it, you would rather give you the front you leaned on, but you wouldn’t do it again. What can you do?

  The tenth dangerous marriage reason to be single.

Many women still do not believe that late marriage and non-marriage can be a mature option.

The urging of the biological clock, social pressure, and the fear of being an elderly mother will all make people marry in order to break the single situation.

The most ridiculous thing is that a woman told me that unless you get divorced for a week, you have to get married once.

Will my child pick up early or late in kindergarten?

Will my child pick up early or late in kindergarten?

This is a topic that can be discussed and a more realistic one.

There have always been divergent views on this topic, each with its own reason.

We are not here to discuss the long-term education of the child, the short-term education of the child, the child’s ability to adapt to the outside, the development of the child’s character, and other aspects of the child according to different family member conditions.

  I hope everyone can take a moment to consider this topic and analyze the advantages and disadvantages of picking up children early and late.

  Early pick-up is to comfort the children. My children are picked up early.

Definitely I pick it up or pick it up. They all waited at the door early, rushed in first when they opened the door, lay on the door to see what the child was doing in the classroom, and had a good time.

  Although the child is very willing to go to kindergarten now, we still want to see what kind of activities the child has in kindergarten and have first-hand information, haha.

I think this is what every parent cares about.

  Moreover, I think the parents in our class are the most active. Many parents do n’t rush to work in the morning after sending their children, and stay at the door for a while (I often do) to see what the children are doing;Among the parents waiting at the door early in the evening, a large proportion of the parents in our class (it seems that everyone’s mood is the same, and they want to see their children as soon as possible).

I don’t know what attitude the teachers in our class have towards this practice?

Isn’t it disgusting?

  I think it’s psychologically comforting to pick up the child earlier. He will think that the parents care about him very much. Some children in our class are afraid that the parents will not pick up and fear that the parents will forget. Ha, the child thinks differently from our adults.

Besides, if conditions permit, picking up early will also ease the workload of the teachers, everyone is happy.


(Parent Yuyu mother) The early pick-up was because the child had a lot of expectations. The son asked that night, “Go pick me up several times tomorrow.” From his words, it can be trimmed. After the child has been playing for a day, he wants the mostThe parents who eagerly met must be the parents, especially when they met other children, and they were taken away by the parents. There was a kind of expectation in his heart.

In order not to let the children wait anxiously, I or my mother tried to wait outside the door early, and rushed to the classroom as soon as the door was opened. As you can see from the door, every child is looking forward to it. If you see the parents,Every child is jumping for joy, and the child’s psychology is like this, for fear that parents will not want them.

  (Parent Huang Li and Dad) Ning waits for three minutes and does not grab a second. In fact, the child really wants his parents to pick it up early. He did n’t see his closest relatives for a day, so the children were a few minutes before school., Emotions are always more impetuous!

  For the questions answered in the morning and evening, it still depends on the time when the parents get off work!

  Our teacher gets off work at 5:30, and the children in our third class usually pick up all before 5:30.

Before the pick-up time, the teacher would always accompany the children to play with toys and read books . Parents need not worry.

  Are there any children who must ask their parents to rush into the class first? That is not necessary. What if everyone crowds at the door and squeezes into the child?

Moreover, there are too many parents at the entrance, and it is difficult for the teacher to see which parent is picking up.

Don’t grab these minutes.

  I suggest that Pippi also said every day when she first entered the park, “Mom, please pick me up soon!

“But recently she has fully adapted and enjoyed kindergarten life, and she no longer tinkers with me about picking her up earlier.

I can’t pick her up from one minute from the beginning until now.

  It is really impossible to enjoy the noisy sounds and unusually crowded scenes at the entrance of the classroom just after school.

So it’s too late.

At first, I was worried that Pippi would cry when she saw other kids being picked up, but she did n’t experience it once. On the contrary, when I appeared later, I saw that she was picking up with a few who were late.The children played well together, and sometimes helped the teacher to move the chair or something. It was good. Seeing that I appeared to work harder, it seemed that I would show her the usual good side.

And you can have more time to learn more about her situation from the teacher.

Five diet recipes are good for myopia

Five diet recipes are good for myopia

Chinese traditional medicine is vast and profound, with deep research on various diseases, and the use of unique Chinese medicine theories and methods can cure many diseases that cannot be cured by western medicine.

Today I recommend five small recipes for myopia, so that patients can easily solve the myopia troubles!


Eye-catching soup Indications: myopia.

Recipe: 10 grams of wolfberry, 3 grams of peel, 10 longan meat, 1 spoon of honey.

  Usage: Put the wolfberry and Chenpi in gauze, tie it together with longan meat, add water to the pot, and boil for half an hour, take the longan meat and soup, and add honey for snacks.


Sheep liver porridge Indications: Myopia and dizziness caused by insufficient liver blood.

Recipe: One sheep liver, 30 grams of shallots, 30 grams of rice.

  Usage: Cut the sheep liver into thin pieces and wash the rice.

First fry the shallots and juice, add lamb liver, and cook the rice into gruel.

When cooked, add salt to take.


Indications of pig liver: blood does not support the liver, hyperopia and weakness.

Recipe: 125 grams of pork liver, 15 grams of light onion, 1 egg, moderate amount of tartar sauce.

  Usage: Cut the pork liver into thin slices, lightly remove the fibrous roots, cut into short knots, stir in the simmered juice, and then break the eggs, mix the egg yolks into the soup, and then simmer into the soup.


Gui Qishan Squint Indications: Myopia.

Formula: 15 grams of longan meat, 15 grams of Chinese wolfberry, 15 grams of mangosteen meat, 1 pair of pig (cow, sheep) eyes.

  Usage: Wash the pig’s eyes and add stew with longan meat, wolfberry, and mangosteen.


Spinach Pork Liver Decoction Indication: Blood deficiency and vision loss.

Recipe: 125 grams of spinach, 125 grams of pork liver, cooked lard, ginger, spring onion, clear soup, salt, water bean powder, MSG.

  Usage: Wash the spinach, blanch in boiling water for a while, remove the astringency, cut into sections, slice the pork liver into thin slices, mix well with salt, monosodium glutamate, and water bean powder, boil the clear soup, and add the washed ginger., Cut into short sections of light white, cooked lard and so on.

After cooking for a few minutes, add the mixed pork liver slices and spinach to the liver slices. Cook the spinach and serve with the meal.

Why do employees love frustrated companies?


Why do employees love frustrated companies?

Disappointment is a special but very common phenomenon in the workplace. Almost every employee has more or less repeated.

It can at least reflect some problems in the enterprise, but it can better reflect the relationship between employees and the enterprise.

  After graduating from Zhang Ming University, he entered a US-owned wholly-owned enterprise and worked as a production engineer. He has been working for 5 years.

The company has the highest internal level, and corporate culture promotes democracy and advocates equal dialogue and communication between grassroots employees and leaders.

Zhang Ming agrees with this culture, so he often gives some opinions based on his own opinions, and likes to directly submit to the factory manager.

The factory manager is a foreigner who has many years of management work and is very experienced.

Every time Zhang Ming puts forward his opinions, he can always listen patiently, and will change to some correct feedback, but after a long time, Zhang Ming found that the factory director was open-minded and resolutely refused to change.So he had a lot of opinions in his heart and started to complain.

Over time, job satisfaction began to decline, and even the idea of changing jobs.

It happened that the company suddenly closed the door due to global adjustment.

With the experience of foreign companies, he quickly found a good job in a similar joint venture.

But not long after, he found that the management of this company was incomparable with the previous one, and there were too many problems in daily operations.

For a while, the problems that I love to overcome came up again, and there were several disputes with my boss, and I was very depressed.

  Almost every unit has some grumble employees who think that they have a strong sense of insight, a keen mind, and a sharp word.

At first glance, many things make sense, but as time goes by, I find that not only does not help, but it hurts myself and my colleagues.

  Analyzing Zhang Ming’s mental state from a psychological perspective, you will find that in fact, he really likes the first company. Unconsciously, he regards the company as his own home and the director of the factory as his father, mother,Any ideas and requirements were put forward straightforwardly without any psychological constraints.

When a request is rejected, it will be emotional and expressed in a manner of continuous rejection, much like the relationship between adolescent children and their parents.

This type of employee has a certain degree of idealization of the company or the boss, and also has a strong psychological dependence. Once reality destroys their imagination, they are very anxious and feel insecure.The sense of belonging will be greatly reduced.

When he arrived at the second company, he encountered the same problem.

If he doesn’t think and correct, this bad pattern will continue to appear in his career.

  Therefore, in today’s workplace, the contractual relationship between service and being serviced is increasingly presented between individuals and companies, rather than the relationship between home and children or parents and children.

The company needs employees who are in its own interest, not a grumble, no grown-up child.

Diet for those with hyperthyroidism and weight loss

Diet for those with hyperthyroidism and weight loss

Hyperthyroidism belongs to the group of hypermetabolic syndromes, with increased basal metabolic rate and enhanced protein catabolism, so most patients with hyperthyroidism are thin.

A high-calorie, high-protein, high-carbohydrate, high-vitamin diet should be supplemented to compensate for its consumption and improve the nutritional status of the body.

  Dietary treatment principles for hyperthyroidism and wasting (1) Increasing carbohydrate should appropriately increase carbohydrate supply, which usually accounts for 60% of total thermal energy?
70%; protein should be higher than normal, can be 1.5?
2.0 g / Kg; animal protein should not be given more, because it has a stimulating effect, should account for about 33.3% of the protein volume; normal or low.

  (2) The amount of thermal energy required should be determined in combination with clinical treatment needs and the patient’s food intake.

It is generally increased by 50% to 70 ·% compared with normal people.

Should each person provide 12.55 per day?
14.64MJ (3000?

Avoid excessive meals at one time, and increase the number of meals appropriately. In addition to the normal 3 meals, and an additional side meal 2?
3 times.

When clinical treatment is carried out, it is necessary to continuously adjust the amount of heat energy and other nutrients according to the condition in time.

  (3) Provide abundant nutrients to appropriately increase the supply of minerals, especially potassium, calcium and phosphorus. If there is diarrhea, pay attention to it.

Intake more foods rich in vitamin B1, vitamin B2 and vitamin C, eat liver, animal offal, fresh green leafy vegetables appropriately, and supplement vitamin preparations if necessary.

  (4) Restricting dietary fiber: Foods containing more cellulose should be restricted appropriately. Patients with hyperthyroidism often have symptoms of increased defecation or diarrhea; therefore, dietary foods with more fiber should be restricted.

Tips for Preventing Workover and Disease in Sports and Fitness

Tips for Preventing “Workover and Disease” in Sports and Fitness

With the continuous strengthening of people’s health awareness, more and more people are enthusiastic about sports and fitness, and have tasted the sweetness with persistence.
Therefore, among those who feel the benefits of sports and fitness, many people unknowingly walk into the misunderstanding: the greater the amount of exercise, the better the fitness effect.
Sports trauma expert Wang Ping cautioned that excessive exercise is prone to cause sports injuries, especially those with strong resistance to ball games, which are the most likely to cause physical injuries, and sports injuries that do not undergo timely and effective treatment and care will cause lifelongregret.
  1 Ligament injury is most likely to be missed. In Shenzhen, many young people like basketball and football.
These outdoor sports undoubtedly have obvious effects on soothing people’s nerves under stressful working conditions, but because of their large amount of exercise and strong resistance, they can easily cause knee joint and muscle ligament damage.
  For Mr. Li, who works in Futian District, playing basketball with his friends every weekend is a fitness program that they have been insisting on for several months.
One night a month ago, they met again on the basketball court and played a friendly match.
Due to the fierce competition, Mr. Li was too fast and too fierce when turning around and passing the ball to the left, which caused a pain in his right knee.
But after a short rest, he felt unrestricted walking, but some redness and swollen knees, and pain during extension and flexion.
After returning home, he used some topical medications to relieve pain and swelling.
After more than a week of rest and applying medicine, his knees became swollen and painless.
So last week, Mr. Li resumed sports and went to the basketball court with his friends.
However, less than 20 minutes after playing, Mr. Li sprained his right knee again after jumping and landing while grabbing the ball.
Holding the same mentality as the last time, he went home and rested for two days, and rubbed the painkiller and swelling medicine bought at the pharmacy.
A doctor’s examination revealed that both the lateral ligament and the anterior cruciate ligament of his right knee were severely damaged, and a ligament reconstruction surgery was required.
  Wang Ping, director of the Sports Trauma Department, introduced Mr. Li’s treatment and said: “Sprained ligaments during exercise must be treated in time in the hospital, and they will recover smoothly after being treated by a doctor.
And many citizens are most likely to fall into a misunderstanding after a sprain: as long as the bones and muscles are okay, they don’t need to go to the doctor.
Although you can reduce swelling and pain with your own medication, it will not affect your normal life, but due to loose or broken ligaments will cause joint instability, it is very easy to be injured again, and even cause unrecoverable wear of knee meniscus and cartilage.
Wang Wangping suggested that young people carry out sports such as ball games with a certain amount of physical contact and strong antagonism. They must be warmed up and not stubbornly competitive. Everything should be moderated. Do not do strenuous exercises that exceed the limits of the body.Ligaments cause damage.
  2 Running down the mountain is not advisable. The mountains of Shenzhen are stacked, and the scenery is beautiful. The Lotus Mountain, Danan Mountain, Beacon Mountain, and Wutong Mountain, which are located in various districts of the city, are all good places for people to exercise on weekends.
Especially in autumn and winter, the climate is pleasant. Mountaineering can exercise the body and breathe the fresh air, and can relax the body and mind and relieve the pressure of work and life.
However, when climbing, some small details that are not noticed can easily cause harm to the body. Often, they won’t be taken seriously when the condition is serious, but the best time for treatment and recovery has been missed.
  On the mountaineering roads, you can often see some young people running down the mountain in one breath after climbing to the top of the mountain. They think that they can run fast and feel “cool” when they run up.The better.
In fact, this is also a misunderstanding.
  According to Wang Ping, this is because the human body will unconsciously “brake” backwards in order to control the speed to keep the balance when running down the mountain. At this time, the upper body that rushes forward and the lower body that pulls backwards form a “stress point” of two forces.”It happens to be near the knees, and the knees get a lot of momentum.
Strong impulse will cause severe wear on the meniscus and cartilage in the knee. Because it cannot be repaired by itself, it is an irreversible chronic injury. At the same time, the load on the joints is four times that of ordinary walking. For knee joints,Elderly people who are more vulnerable are even less suitable.
  In addition, pay special attention to prevent lameness when climbing.
In case of lameness, etc., apply a bandage to secure it and ensure adequate rest time for rest.
If the injury is not healed this time, the root cause will fall. Not only will the injury often be painful, it will also cause lameness repeatedly.
Repeated lameness will loosen or even break the ligaments around the ankle joint, causing ankle instability, which will lead to the occurrence of traumatic arthritis.
  It is recommended that climbers prepare auxiliary tools such as gloves, crutches and suitable shoes before climbing to reduce the cushioning load and protect the knee joint. When walking down the mountain, you must walk slowly and never run.
Also prepare sterile gauze, bandages, and disinfectant solutions to cope with sudden bruising and sprains.
Ankle sprains must be bandaged in an “8” shape during bandaging to protect the injured joint.
  3 Taijiquan is not suitable for everyone. As a traditional fitness program, Taijiquan already has a broad mass base.
In Shenzhen, many older people use Tai Chi as their fitness program.
Wang Ping reminded friends of the public, “Some of the elderly patients I treated for knee joint diseases, many of them were actually caused by Taijiquan.
Therefore, for the elderly, many people are not suitable for Tai Chi.
“A lot of people have this experience: they often don’t exercise. After a sudden exercise, the body will be sore the next day, but if you continue to exercise, it will be better after a while.Some seniors have played Tai Chi for the first time because of the long bow legs, they will feel rectal soreness over time.

But at this time, don’t think that continuing to practice will not hurt after getting used to the body.

Because after the age of 40, people experience increasing age, prolonging the inner meniscus and spine, which will cause different degrees of strain and degradation.

The fractures of the elderly meniscus and spine are very fragile after years of wear and tear. The pressure of the arch leg on the tibia is very high, which can easily cause fractured spurs. At the same time, because the meniscus and spine have no blood flow, they cannot grow and repair themselves.Excessive stress will accelerate joint degeneration and induce an acute attack of degenerative joints.

Therefore, the elderly who suffer from leg pain after exercise must pay attention to rest and immediately reduce the amount of exercise.

  Remind the elderly friends that if joint stiffness is found when standing in the morning or sitting for a long time, it means that their joints have begun to degenerate. At this time, exercise must control the amount of exercise. To avoid knee injuries, you should minimize joint-bearing long distance running and mountain climbing, Twisting Yangko twisting the knee joint and Taijiquan exercise of repeated squat exercises.