Eat Fresh Corn Yishou and Fitness

Eat Fresh Corn Yishou and Fitness

Corn, called corncob in the north, and gluten in the south, have developed varieties of fragrant corn, sweet corn, waxy corn, tender corn, and even black corn.

  Corn is rich in nutrients. In addition to various nutrients, protein and traces are higher than rice and wheat, and half of the traces are linoleic acid, as well as lecithin, vitamins A and E.

Linoleic acid can lower cholesterol and prevent it from depositing on the inner wall of blood vessels, which has a positive effect on preventing hypertension and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

U.S. scientists have replaced corn-fed whole milk with feed containing corn oil and found a linoleic acid (CLA) that can prevent melanoma, cancer, colon cancer, ovarian cancer, prostate cancer, etc.Oleic acid can remove oxygen free radicals in cells, protect DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) from damage, prevent cell mutation and induce cancer, and glutathione contained in corn also has anti-cancer effects.

Corn germ is particularly rich in vitamin E, which can enhance the body’s metabolism, regulate nerve and endocrine functions, and replace the subcutaneous tissue richness.

Skin cells are elastic and shiny.

Nutritionists point out that if 2/3 of the food is rice and 1/3 of corn, the protein absorption can be increased from 58% to 71%, which is called the complementary effect of protein.

  It is better to eat fresh corn at six or seven. It is too tender and has too much water. Too old starch increases protein and reduces taste.

When cleaning and cooking corn, it is best to have soup and thirst. If you can cook it with corn, the effect of reducing blood pressure is more significant.

Wetting bed after 5 years of age

Wetting bed after 5 years of age

Some parents think that the child’s bedwetting has little to do with it.

In fact, the older the child is, the more times wetting the bed at night, and the longer the protracted time, the more difficult it is to control the symptoms of the wetting bed, and it will seriously affect the child’s healthy growth.

  Therefore, Director Yu reminded parents that no matter what causes the child’s bedwetting, parents should take their child to the hospital for examination and treatment as soon as possible.

In addition to medical treatment under the guidance of a doctor, the cooperation of parents is also very important.

  When the child is over 10 years old, he wets the bed at night. He dare not let the child drink water and eat fruit before going to bed. He also wets the bed at night.

Many mothers are very anxious, go to the hospital to ask if there is something wrong with the child’s bedwetting, what should I do?

  Yu Suming, director of the Department of Pediatrics of the First Affiliated Hospital of the General Hospital of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, said that children with normal development can usually control urination at the age of 2-3. Occasionally wetting of the bed after 3 years of age is normal.Most children no longer wet the bed at night after the age of five.

If a child is wetting in bed at night after 5 years of age, and the frequency reaches more than twice a month, it is medically called “night enuresis”.

  The causes of pediatric enuresis include genetic factors (if the parents have been a child with nocturnal enuresis, the child has a 1/2 chance of becoming ill), reduced functional bladder capacity, psychological factors, excessive sleep, insufficient antidiuretic hormone secretion, hiddenSpina bifida and so on (about 30% of enuresis in children with enuresis due to spina bifida).

There are also parents who did not train their children to urinate and did not develop a good habit of going to the toilet with urine.

  Some parents think that the child’s bedwetting has little to do with it.
In fact, the older the child is, the more times wetting the bed at night, and the longer the protracted time, the more difficult it is to control the symptoms of the wetting bed, and it will seriously affect the child’s healthy growth.

Therefore, Director Yu reminded parents that no matter what causes the child’s bedwetting, parents should take their child to the hospital for examination and treatment as soon as possible.

  In addition to medical treatment under the guidance of a doctor, the cooperation of parents is also very important.
We should correct the bedwetting of children, but we must not be too anxious, nor can we scold and discriminate. This will increase the child’s psychological burden, cause the child to have an inferiority complex, and be reluctant to associate with children.

At the same time, it will affect the child’s intelligence, height development, depression, autism, anxiety, doubt and other mental and psychological disorders.

  Also pay attention to training children’s good habits.

Do not drink milk after 6 pm, do not drink or drink less water after dinner, do not drink juice caffeine or diuretic beverages.

Develop a habit of urination before bedtime. Parents should pay attention to the time when the child often wets the bed at night, and use the alarm clock to wake the child to the toilet half an hour in advance. This way, you can develop the habit of getting up and urinating on time to reduce the chance of wetting the bed.

  Children should not be overly excited before going to bed. Do not engage in time activities or watch thrilling movies. Take a bath before sleeping to relax your nervousness so that your child can sleep comfortably.

You can also let your child do diarrhea training during the day, which is also helpful for treating bedwetting.

Don’t forget future skin care care_1

Skin care

Guide: The neck is the most easily overlooked part of the skin, but the neck is one of the number one enemies to betray a woman’s age.

No matter how you take care of your charming face, if you ignore the care for correction, the “annual ring” gradually deepens on your neck, or you will inadvertently change your age.

Therefore skin care must not forget the essence of re-care.


Whether the sunscreen on your skin has never absorbed the reduced secretion of skin fat, it is not easy to maintain the skin’s moisture, and the long-neglected sunlight exposure makes it difficult for fragile skin to resist the damage of ultraviolet rays, and it will cause dull skin and long spots.Neck lines also become noticeable.


If you are doing a sport, you have no protective measures for correction. The subcutaneous layer is thinner and the skin is more likely to lose tension. Any improper pulling action, such as running, may cause twisted muscles.Causes the formation of neck lines.


Obviously allergic constitution, still like to wear air-tight high-necked clothes, air-tight high-necked clothes, shags, etc. may cause allergic complications such as wet healing, sweat room, redness, itching and other symptoms, forming pigmentsDeposition causes dark and dull plasma.


Whether you do routine skin care, you often overlook that you always apply the cream when it is no longer suitable for the face.

In the weather where the ultraviolet rays are too strong, you think of skin sun protection but ignore this type of sun protection.

This cold and hot attitude is not good for your neck.

  If you do n’t give your face any maintenance starting today, what kind of face will you have after one month?

Think about it, it’s just one month, and the results are beyond imagination. So, how many times have you overlooked you?

  This kind of skin is even younger than the skin of the skin, so some products that are very effective on the face may not be suitable for use, not to mention that it can no longer be used on the face cream.

The lack of sun protection prevents the retina from gradually becoming dark, dry, lacking gloss, and even long spots and deep wrinkles.

  Message from the editor: To see how you treat your neck, you know how much your neck may betray you.

The red candlestick

The red candlestick

Well-adjusted sexual psychology Newly-married men and women often lack sexual knowledge, have just come into contact with the opposite sex, and are prone to stress or panic.

At the beginning of the spring breeze, the woman’s psychological state is often more complicated. She has both the virgin’s shyness and unconsciousness, as well as subconscious resistance and fear. She reveals the concealment of the carcass in front of the opposite sex, and it is difficult for a woman who is obviously not sexually savvy.

At this time, the groom should be more considerate and caring for the bride, and the woman should be more tender and loving, so as to eliminate the sincerity and fear.

If the bride’s mental preparation is not enough, excessive intimacy and eagerness to the groom will cause instinctual resistance; if the groom is overly obsessed with the desire to conceive, the pregnant wife will frustrate the woman’s taste; if the groom is vulgar and reckless or crazyDepressing and disappointing the bride brings psychological and physical pain.

If you are a new husband, you must have the style of a big husband and take the initiative to help Jiao’s wife adjust her psychological discomfort.

Give more tenderness and tenderness, intimacy and caress, and say more “sweet words” to calm the bride’s nervousness gradually and replace it with sincere obedience.

Of course, the first wife should also take the initiative to cooperate with the emotions of love from the bottom of the heart to eliminate concerns and boldly, can share to taste the taste of the aphrodisiac.

  Correct treatment of hymen rupture When the newly-married woman has first sexual intercourse, the hymen rupture will cause pain and bleeding.
The amount of bleeding is related to the distribution of hymen blood vessels and the depth of the fissures.

However, too many women have broken their hymen before heart attack and participation in heavy manual labor. Some of them have thick and flexible because of the penetration of the hymen holes, and they are intact after intercourse in the same room.Slight pain and a small amount of bleeding; some brides may occasionally have more severe bleeding from the hymen due to too small hymen holes or irritable movements during intercourse.

Once this happens, you don’t need to be nervous, you can immediately put some soft and clean toilet paper or gauze on the vaginal opening to tie the menstrual band to stop bleeding.

Or use a clean gauze pad to press on the bleeding area with your finger and press it for a few minutes to stop the bleeding.

The hymen rupture occurs during the first sexual intercourse of a newly-married couple. If there is bleeding during the first sexual intercourse, it will stimulate the wound and aggravate the wound. Therefore, sexual intercourse should be stopped immediately.

Otherwise, it will cause malignant irritation, causing the woman’s coldness or vaginal spasm and other reactions.

Sexual intercourse can resume after the wound has healed for three to five days.

It must be pointed out that the man must not come to see whether the first sexual intercourse has leaked “seeing red”, so as to avoid female chastity and conflict, and cast a shadow on the future life of husband and wife.

  Don’t worry about premature ejaculation. First sexual intercourse on the wedding night, the groom is prone to premature ejaculation, ejaculation occurs without contact with the woman or immediately after contact.

Some people have this situation continuously during the first few sexual intercourses of a newlywed.

The reason was that the man had sex with the woman for the first time. The psychological and physical excitement had reached the extreme, and premature ejaculation occurred involuntarily.

The woman should not be mistaken for the man to be “useless” and have sexual problems.

Otherwise, the consequences will be mental burden and psychological pressure, which may actually lead to sexual dysfunction.

So honeymoon for newlyweds.
Both parties should understand more, be close to each other, and gradually adapt, and they will have a warm and harmonious sex life.

  Do not have sexual intercourse during menstrual period. If the bride’s menstrual period is the date of sexual intercourse, sexual intercourse should be prohibited.

If possible, it is best to refer to the bride’s menstrual cycle to choose the wedding date.

Lactobacillus is found in the vagina of women. This kind of bacteria can secrete acidic substances, making the acidic environment in the vagina not conducive to the growth and reproduction of pathogenic bacteria, thereby protecting the internal reproductive organs from causing pathogenic bacteria to invade.

However, during menstrual cramps, the endometrium is replaced, exposing many small blood vessels on the inner wall of the uterus, and the menstrual blood is alkaline, which will neutralize acidic substances and destroy the acidic environment of the vagina.

Exercise hurts knees

Exercise hurts knees

With the warming of the climate, the middle and long term of mountain climbing exercises gradually increased.

A reporter recently encountered a 77-year-old man on the Xiangshan Road. He told the reporter that he had no illness, and he was afraid of the weather.

He patted the black man and said: There is a bone spur in the joint.

So, can elderly people with osteoarthritis ascend?

The reporter interviewed Wu Husheng, the chief dean of Beijing Jishuitan Hospital.

  Dean Wu first showed the reporter a set of data: An epidemiological survey of Beijing Union Medical College on the outskirts of Beijing around 1990 showed that 38 adults over 18 years of age have conscious knee pain.

7%, X-rays show 25% of adults with osteoarthritis, the combination of the two, adults over 18 years of age always develop disease9.

56%, more than 50% of the elderly over the age of 60 have recovered.

Dean Wu said that although this is only a conservative figure, it is a reminder that middle-aged and elderly people must never climb freely, carry weights, and perform any large-volume exercise that forces the knee joint.

  Injuries to the knee joint and other joints of the human body due to heavy exercise, and osteoarthritis are also caused by degenerative changes in the joint, that is, natural deterioration. Once diseased, the joint space is easily broken, bone spurs are generated, and the joint surface density is increased or decreased.

Because the type of patients who can be diagnosed by X-rays is completely conscious of pain, these patients are not easy to detect early.

The weight-bearing, ascending, and continuous walking may have worsened the joint disease of the old.

In addition, if the patient is caused by excessive joint wear, inappropriate exercise can only aggravate joint injury and pain, and accelerate the growth of bone spurs.

In addition, knee injury caused by heavy exercise is not the patent of the elderly. Patella softening is the most common disease in 30- to 40-year-olds. Patella softening is the early manifestation of knee osteoarthritis.

  To avoid osteoarthritis caused by a large amount of exercise, we should mainly adjust bad habits in work and life. Dean Wu said that the maintenance of this disease is very important.

When you feel discomfort in the knee joint, you should avoid sedentary or standing for a long time. Painful joints should be fully rested, such as avoiding squatting repeatedly, reducing the number of times of going up and down stairs; not doing long-distance running, climbing and other sports; practicing thigh muscle tension; preventToo fat.

If the pain significantly affects work and life, you can take some painkillers or proprietary Chinese medicines under the guidance of a doctor, such as oral glucosamine, which will have effects on the repair of cartilage.

The condition plus important timely and timely medical treatment.

Man, the best selection of fitness clothes

Man, the best selection of fitness clothes

Earlier men had to chop firewood, carry heavy objects, wear coarse shirts, not be handsome, but earn a living.

  When American cowboys did physical work, a pair of dirty jeans and a pair of riding boots were also cool and sexy.

Today’s urban men are physically “paid for it”, such as going to the gym to lose energy.

  This “physical work” is best known as “sculpting”, but this is no less than those earlier work, so sloppy wearing equipment.

After taking off the suit and taking off the tie, the original shape should be more particular, so as to not lose the “gentleman look” carefully created in the office.

  Think about it: he was practicing sweating, grinning his teeth, and dressing in a clumsy way . as if a homeless man was dangling, what should he do?

  Fighting try to dress with personality. Fighting is the most perfect embodiment of boys’ strength and beauty.

Tights are the best choice when fighting, and the materials are sweat-absorbent and breathable.

Loose pants are good, but don’t be too wide.

Because too wide pants may not help you to do some things like vacating.

  Cool point: You can choose colored sports tights, the military camouflage vest can definitely put on jump combat.

  The spinning biker tights are on the way!

  The boy riding a bicycle must be full of sweat and strength. A tight-fitting shirt can not only set off your perfect upper body muscles and lines, but also interlaces the power when riding, helping you to maximize your speed and passion.limit.

And choose a short or short pants with appropriate length, you can shorten the friction and hindrance caused by the fabric when the knee joint moves.

At the same time, it is best to wear hard-soled sports shoes when riding a bicycle, which can help the foot to be fixed and not to hurt the foot during high-speed sports.

  Cool point: Do n’t forget to wear a pair of fingerless gloves while spinning, it can also hold the handlebar while protecting the palm.

Gloves are available at regular sporting goods stores.

One thing to keep in mind when buying is that it is best to choose gloves with sponge pads in the palm to better protect the palm from injury.

  Barbell exercise clothing can’t cover the movements. Barbell exercise is a fast way to lose weight, and it can also create beautiful body lines.

When practicing barbell exercises, the most important thing is to wear a pair of fitted shorts.

Because standard exercises are the best way to get the best results, and if you wear trousers, your legs will be covered and you won’t be able to see if they bend to the standard position.

Shorts are best on knees

Zucchini and Tofu Fish Soup to quench thirst

Zucchini and Tofu Fish Soup to quench thirst

Zucchini is a seasonal melon in summer. The meat is tender and smooth, and the taste is sweet. Regular food has the effect of relieving summer heat, quenching thirst, replenishing spleen, and diuretic and swelling.

Today, I introduced this zucchini, bamboo and fish soup, which has a sweet and nutritious flavor and is a light and beneficial soup in summer.

For 4 people: 1.

Wash the zucchini, peel and cut into thick pieces; 2.

2. Soybeans are softened after washing and cut into sections;

Wash the fish well, scrape the black membrane inside the belly, drain the water, and fry with oil on both sides; 4.

Pour 8 bowls of water into a clay pot and bring to a boil. Add all the ingredients to a boil over fire. Slowly cook for an hour and season with salt.

  Efficacy: summer heat appetizer, spleen and intestines, remove product weight loss.

  ● Gourmet Science Festival Zucchini Zucchini is one of the vegetables that we are very familiar with. It looks like a small winter melon, has a greener skin, and has yellow-brown fine hair.

Although the zucchini is very common, it is the most suitable vegetable for the frail people after the illness. It is generally considered to be cold and dry, and it is “righteous.” Because it is more nutritious than other vegetables, it contains a lot of vitamin C and protein., Riboflavin, fructose, calcium, phosphorus, iron, carotene and other ingredients, although each is not special, but it is beneficial for the weak to absorb.

At the same time, zucchini can diuretic, which is very effective in eliminating the accumulated water in the body.

  Compared to winter melon, zucchini seems to be more tender and smooth, but also crispy, and tastes sweet. It is a very popular “melon” in Guangdong. It can be fried, wonton, boiled or stewed, zucchini.The flavor of other ingredients is full of flavors, such as fried pork with zucchini, vermicelli pot with zucchini, stewed zucchini with mushrooms, dried salted egg soup with zucchini, lean meat soup with zucchini and octopus.

  If you want to change something, you may wish to take a look at the following introduction: 1 golden zucchini braised shrimp and zucchini, 200 g fresh bamboo shrimp, half root of corn, 2 cooked salted eggs, 1 cup of soup, 2 tablespoons of oil, cooking wine1 tablespoon, 1/3 tablespoon of salt, 1/4 tablespoon of chicken flour, 1 teaspoon of raw flour.

Zucchini scrape off the skin, wash and cut into dices; remove the head and shell of the fresh shrimp, and leave the tail shell of the shrimp; peel the shell and egg white of the cooked salted egg, and mash the salted egg yolk into mud; wash the corn cob and cut out the corn kernelsBoil half a pot of water, add 1 tablespoon of cooking wine, add shrimps and simmer, remove and drain the water for later use; heat 2 tablespoons of oil, pour zucchini and stir-fry for 1 minute, add 1 cup of broth and stir well, coverSimmer over medium heat for 2 minutes; pour in corn kernels, stir in salted egg yolk, season with salt and chicken flour, cover with medium and low heat and continue cooking for 2 minutes; pour in shrimp and cook briefly.

  Shrimp Fresh Mushroom Zucchini Cup 2 Zucchini, 15 grams of shrimp, 1 fresh fungus, 3 fresh shiitake mushrooms, 5 fresh straw mushrooms, half carrot root, 3 slices of ginger, 1 cup of broth.

Shrimps are soaked in clean water and cut into diced shapes. Wash the fungus, shiitake mushrooms and straw mushrooms, remove the stalks, add boiling water for 30 seconds, and pick up the cold river. Zucchini scrape the skin, wash the head and tail, cut into 5A centimeter-long segment; dig out a melon scoop (do not dig through), place a zucchini cup, and place it on a plate; cut the fungus, shiitake mushrooms, and straw mushrooms into small pieces; peel the carrots, slice them, and chop the ginger slices;Fill the cup with the right amount of shiitake mushrooms, straw mushrooms, fungus, shrimp, ground ginger and sulfate; then pour the right amount of broth into each zucchini cup, put the carrot slices, cover with a layer of plastic wrap; boil half a pot of water, Cover the zucchini cup with water and steam over high heat for 30 minutes, remove and remove the plastic wrap.

  ● Buy the soup with sweet soup. The melon is round and hairy, the color is green, and the texture is slightly hard.

How to pair pregnant women’s tofu meal with more nutrition

How to pair pregnant women’s tofu meal with more nutrition

In China, tofu has always been one of the protagonists of home-made stuffing, and the cooking methods are ever-changing. Therefore, there are many famous dishes using tofu as raw materials in their recipes. Among them, the Sichuan cuisine “mapo tofu” is famous at home and abroad.

Everyone knows that Japanese love to eat Chinese tofu.

Nowadays, Japanese people add fresh vegetable juice to tofu. This kind of “green tofu” is both beautiful and nutritious.

How to match, can pregnant mommy eat tofu more nutritious?

  Here are some examples that use tofu as the main ingredient and other food types to increase nutritional value: 1. Tofu and fish, nutrition can double the tofu methionine content, while fish content is very rich; fish phenylalanine contentIt is relatively small, while it is higher in tofu.

In this way, the two can be taken together to complement each other and complement each other, thereby improving the nutritional value.

Because tofu contains too much calcium, and fish contains vitamin D, the two eat together, transforming the role of vitamin D in the fish body, and increasing the body’s absorption rate of calcium many times.

Therefore, it is especially suitable for pregnant women.

  2, tofu with meat and eggs, nutrition is more than half of the tofu contains a lot of protein, but one of the essential amino acids-methionine.

When cooking vegetables alone, the use of protein is very low.

If you combine tofu with other meat and egg foods, you can improve the nutritional utilization of protein in tofu.

  3. Tofu with kelp, iodized and calcium supplemented tofu and its soybean products, rich in nutrition and cheap, can supplement the high-quality protein, lecithin, linoleic acid, vitamin B1, vitamin E, calcium, iron, etc. needed by the human body.

Tofu also contains a variety of saponin impurities, which can prevent the production of lipid peroxides, inhibit trace absorption, and promote trace decomposition; but saponin compounds can also promote the excretion of iodine and easily cause iodine deficiency.

Kelp is rich in iodine. Cooking tofu with kelp can prevent iodine deficiency in pregnant women. It is a very reasonable match. 4. Tofu with radish is uncomfortable. Tofu is a protein of the plant, and eating too much can cause indigestion.

Radish, especially white radish, has a strong digestive function. If mixed with tofu, it will help tofu to be absorbed by the body.

What kind of acne can’t be squeezed in summer beauty class_1

What kind of acne can’t be squeezed in summer beauty class

The weather is getting hotter and hotter, and the acne is uninvited.

How to deal with these pesky acne?


Not crowded?

In fact, whether acne can be squeezed or not is a certain rule. It can’t be killed with a single stick.

  First, the triangular area cannot be squeezed by oneself. Under the guidance of a doctor, the root of the face must be squeezed to the area of the triangular area surrounded by the two mouth corners. If it is squeezed incorrectly, bacteria can easily enter the skull through the above and cause intracranial infection.
In addition, the squeezing tools cannot be disinfected properly (such as dirty hands), and the concept of sterility is poor, which leads to bacterial stimulation, which aggravates wounds and even causes new infectious diseases.

Therefore, the doctor cautioned: do not squeeze acne, but squeeze under the guidance of a doctor.

  Second, the mature degree of acne has pustules, whiteheads and blackheads, while the hair follicle mouth is open and the sebaceous glands are softened, squeeze with a squeezer, once with 10?
15 are appropriate. Before the operation, it is necessary to determine whether the cracks are mature. When the rash is red at first and no pus is formed, it is not possible to take a needle to clear it, not to squeeze it, so as not to spread.

However, when the pus has formed, it can be treated with a needle after strict disinfection.

For polymeric ulcers, in the case of an abscess, the pus must be dissected open or the pus may be drawn with a large needle.

  Safety of squeezing acne 1. Before squeezing acne, hands must be cleaned. It is best to use an exfoliating mask to make the stratum corneum soft and acne easier to squeeze out.

  However, if you have inflamed acne, remember not to rub it when you exfoliate.

For acne-preparing hands, it is best to wipe it again with lotion.

After washing your face, do not wipe anything that you want to squeeze acne, especially do not use astringent lotion, which will shrink the pores and make it harder to squeeze out acne.

Because of the youth stick to be used, you must first disinfect it with sprinkler or lotion.

  When the acne stick squeezes acne, the contact area is small, which will not affect or hurt the normal skin next to the acne.

But when you first use it, it may not be easy, and if some people use youth sticks, if they forget to clean, the pimples that are squeezed out will stay on the pus and then spread to the next acne, which is a bit like an infectious disease.

  2, first rub the soft horny lotion, it is easier to squeeze acne.

  To deal with stubborn acne, apply soft horny lotion first, and you will find that squeezing is especially easy. Just like removing the acne mask, you must use a softening horny beauty lotion.

  3, aim at squeezing acne, first cover the fingers with tissue paper, but the tissue paper exposed in the air is still in danger of contamination. Therefore, it is recommended that you choose the second sheet below when removing the tissue paper.

If you want to squeeze with a youth stick, remember to squeeze the acne with the smaller hole, which looks like a wire wound in a circle, and squeeze the acne with the side of the cave, which looks deep and round.When you go in, just squeeze the acne opening in the middle of the circle and step down, or slowly move it until the hole hits the edge of the wire.

If you can’t squeeze it all at once, the migration direction may be different, you can try to change direction.

  4, too many beautiful people squeeze acne, can not pull up all acne.

  In fact, after pulling out acne, you will find that many acne have not been uprooted by the quilt. At this time, as long as you take out the eyebrow clip and use the corners to get out a small acne, the acne will reallyIt’s clean.

However, if you find that acne and acne are squeezed, and you can’t squeeze them out easily, we suggest that you don’t use too much force, too “violent”, and you should take medicine obediently!

  5. After squeezing acne, in order to avoid inflammation, you can wash the wound with physiological saline, or apply anti-inflammatory lotion and ointment on it. This will not only reduce the symptoms of inflammation, but also reduce the redness and swelling after squeezing.

Don’t be afraid to stay up all night

Don’t be afraid to stay up all night

Click to buy We all know that staying up late is harmful to health, but the army of staying up late is still growing, staying up late to work, and staying up all night.

How to reduce the harm of staying up late to the body?

Try the health soup below!

  No longer afraid of staying up late, you must have three nourishing soups. Mung bean barley soup Ingredients: mung bean, barley kernel, brown sugar Method: Wash and soak mung beans and barley kernel for about 3 hours, then put mung beans in the pot, add water, stew,After boiling, add indica rice kernel and simmer, add brown sugar to season after boiling.

  Mung beans have the functions of clearing heat and detoxifying and reducing fire. In addition, mung beans are rich in B vitamins to help relieve fatigue, and rich vitamin C can supplement the excessive vitamin C lost by staying up late.

Coix seed has the effect of strengthening the spleen and stopping drama, and in addition, the rich carotene of coix seed can also reduce the loss caused to the eyes by staying up late.

Therefore, it is recommended that women who often stay up late can properly boil some mung bean barley soup. When boiled soup, first soak the mung beans, and then boil the soup with barley slowly, and add brown sugar.

  Second, pork wolfberry soup ingredients: fresh lean pork, wolfberry, sesame oil, refined salt.

  Method: Slice the pork and wash the wolfberry.

Except wolfberry, pork slices and refined salt, cook for 20 minutes to rot the meat, then add an appropriate amount of sesame oil.

Accompany your meal.

  Three, American ginseng, black bone chicken soup ingredients: American ginseng, black bone chicken (handle well), shiitake mushrooms, tangerine peel, candied riceAdd the right amount of salt and season.

  American ginseng is slightly bitter and sweet, and can nourish qi and nourish yin.

“Compendium of Materia Medica” believes that American ginseng “tonicates the lungs and lowers fire, regenerates fluids, and removes tiredness.

It is suitable for those who are fictitious and have fire. ”

Long-term lack of sleep is most likely to cause fire and inflammation, which can cause sore throat, dizziness, upset sores, and American ginseng is very convenient.

Black-bone chicken, nourishing yin and nourishing blood, is rich in amino acids and fatty acids; the shiitake mushrooms are fresh and greasy, and the skin is refreshing and appetizing; a little candied dates can be used to replenish the medium.

This diet therapy is suitable for staying up for a long time, dissipating yin fluid, fatigue, fatigue, dry food and less dizziness.

  Summary: The dangers of staying up late for a long time are beyond imagination, especially young people. Don’t rely on youth, wantonly splurge, decreased immunity, eye fatigue and even functional disorders will come to you.

If you have to stay up late, these three delicious tonic soups are essential.