Two tips to teach you how to test milk temperature


Two tips to teach you how to test milk temperature

[Introduction]If the temperature of milk is too high, it will burn the baby. If it is too low, it will stimulate the peristalsis of the gastrointestinal tract, cause diarrhea, and affect the absorption of nutrients.

How to master the right milk temperature?

Here are two methods recommended for you: Wrist sensation: The temperature of the wrist is more sensitive than the back of the hand, so you can put a few drops of milk on the wrist first to try it.The temperature indicates that the temperature of the milk is close to the body temperature, and the milk temperature is suitable.

Feel with the cheek: shake the milk bottle with milk evenly and stick it on the cheek for a while. If you don’t feel hot or cold, it means that it is close to your body temperature and can be used for feeding.

Tip: Adults should not use their mouth to try the temperature of milk or other foods, otherwise the bacteria inserted into the mouth will carry the pacifier and food.

Choose the right makeup remover for translucent beauty

Choose the right makeup remover for translucent beauty

Even if you are “naturally beautiful, it’s hard to give up”, even if others say that you are “appropriate and light makeup,” everything is inseparable from good skin.

If you want to have light nude muscles, a makeup remover course is essential!

  Eve Lom, a well-known British skincare expert, said: “To thoroughly cleanse the skin and thoroughly remove makeup is absolutely the essence of beauty.

“Women who really know how to care for themselves must attach great importance to the cleansing of their skin-makeup removal.

It is important to know that good skin care products can produce ideal results when used on fertile skin.

If the accumulation of swollen dirt on the surface of the skin blocks the pores, no matter how good the skin care products can get in, everything is just doing nothing!

Today, start our beauty tutorial with makeup removal.

  Makeup remover: Makeup remover Remove area: around eyes, lips Reason for choosing: Gently clean the skin of the eyes and lips is thin and fragile, but if you do n’t pay attention to makeup removal or incomplete makeup removal, it will cause harmful substance deposition and cause lip lines, The lip color deepens.

The eye and lip makeup remover should be replaced when removing the eye and lip cosmetics. This product will not hurt the skin when it is cleaned, and can enhance the replacement of the skin and calm the skin.

The method of use is to pour on the cotton pad to wipe the entire face and remove makeup, and then no longer need to wash with water.

  Details Tip: Since this type of makeup remover must be wiped to remove makeup, it is relatively easy to rub and hurt the skin, so it is mostly used to remove eyes, lips and other local makeup points.

  STEP BY STEP Gentle Eye and Lip Makeup Remover Step1: Before use, you should fully shake to make the oil and water in the eye and lips make-up remover mix well.

  Step2: Take a cotton swab dipped in eye and lip makeup remover, and use its tip to remove the eyeliner at the root of the false eyelashes and the bright powder on the eyelids.

  Step3: Use your middle finger to make a small circle gesture, and gently put the makeup remover on the eyelids and eyebrows.

  Step4: Use a cotton pad dipped in the eye makeup remover to gently extend the wipe from the root of the eyelashes, not too hard.

  Step5: Put two pieces of cotton pads dipped in makeup remover on top of each other and gently compress the lips.

  Step6: Open the corners of the mouth, fold the cotton piece in half, and clean up the easily leftover makeup.

  Givenchy eye makeup remover RMB 290 / 125ml soothes and moisturizes, perfectly removes eye makeup, sensitive skin and ideal eyewear products.

  Guerlain Pure Mystery Lotus Eye and Lip Makeup Remover RMB 330 / 125ml Waterproof and Long-lasting Make-up Remover instantly, it helps protect delicate eye skin, and at the same time relieve tired marks.

  Eucerin Soothing Eye Cleansing Liquid ¥ 118 / 125ml thoroughly cleans the delicate skin on the eyes, gentle and safe without irritation.

H2O + Facial Oasis Cleansing Makeup Remover RMB 300 / 236ml water-based cleansing product, which can dissolve makeup stains, dirt and multiple moisturizing effects on the face at one time.

Three Occupational Diseases Family Massage Therapy

Three “Occupational Diseases” Family Massage Therapy

√ 1. Main points of pharyngitis: 突 tiantu point, located in the depression between the two clavicle.
  Hegu Point, which is commonly known as Tiger Mouth Point.
  Sanyinjiao points, with the medial ankle straight up to the four horizontal fingers (except for the thumb, the horizontal distance of the other four fingers close together).
  Operation method: 1.
Close the throat method.
Sit or lie down, or ask your family members to use their right thumb, index finger, middle finger, and ring finger on the left and right sides of the laryngeal knot respectively, hold the laryngeal knot, and shake quickly up and down.
  Be careful not to pinch too tightly, and the shaking force should not be too heavy, so as not to cause choking or even suffocation.

Rub the Tiantu acupoint at the end of the right middle finger.
1-2 minutes, the strength should be gentle, not too heavy.

Knead Lianghegu points separately.
1-3 minutes.

Rub two or three Yinjiao points.
3-5 minutes, there is a degree of soreness.
  Note: Pharyngitis should be treated after the doctor’s clear diagnosis.
If there are prolonged hoarseness, weight loss, low fever, sore throat, or even blood in the sputum, certain organic diseases such as laryngeal cancer, tuberculosis, and lung cancer should be excluded.
  √ Second, the main points of cervical spondylosis: Qifengchi acupoint, which is equivalent to the depression of the posterior hairline angle, one on the left and one on the left.
  Fengfu Point is equivalent to the midpoint of Fengchi Point.
  Dazhui, the depression under the highest vertebral body of the neck when you lower your head.
  The shoulder well point is equivalent to the midpoint of the line between the lateral margin of the shoulder and the Dazhui point, one on each side.
  Operation method: 1.
The family supported the patient’s forehead with his left hand to fix the head, and rubbed the patient’s Fengfu with the thumb of his right hand.
3-5 minutes, use proper force, not overweight.
  2.After the method, the surgeon rubbed the left and right Fengchi points of the patient with his right thumb and index finger.
For 3-5 minutes, exert the force as the patient can accept it.
  3.After finishing the method, the surgeon then rubbed Dazhui with his right thumb and thumb.
For 1-3 minutes, take local skin redness as the degree.
  4.Then rub the patient’s shoulders and acupoints with the thumbs of both hands.
Note: Female patients should not rub their shoulder wells during pregnancy to avoid miscarriage and premature birth.
If accompanied by dizziness, headache, vomiting and other symptoms, after diagnosis and exclusion of other diseases.
The surgeon can fix the patient’s forehead with his left hand, with his right hand’s food, middle and ring fingers slightly apart, and using the fingertips as the point of force, from the patient’s left temple to the ear tip, comb the vertebra to the ipsilateral Fengchi.
Followed by right hand fixation, left hand surgery.Operate left and right for 5-10 minutes.

  √ Third, the main points of lumbar muscle strain: lumbar pain points (we call them Ashi points) or pain areas.

  Chengfu Point, at the midpoint of the lower edge of the chest muscles, one on each side.

How the weak succeed at galloping the workplace

How the weak succeed at galloping the workplace

In the workplace, some people may belong to vulnerable employees, and their popularity is not very good. It seems that the person cannot be seen in the eyes of the boss, but they are working hard.

  In the workplace, some people may belong to vulnerable employees, and their popularity is not very good. It seems that the person cannot be seen in the eyes of the boss, but they are working hard.

If you change it, will you continue in this position?

  ”Vulnerable” employees must learn how to survive in the workplace. Professional stars have attracted much attention, but they are rare.

If you are not a talented and intelligent person, then you must follow the path of “continuous accumulation and accumulation”.

  In the workplace, “time, location, people and” are the three elements, “time” is a possibility that can be met but not required, and must be accumulated.

What you can have the opportunity to grasp through your own efforts is “location and harmony”.

  As a disadvantaged employee, the definition of “location, harmony” must be different from that of the strong. What does it mean?


Working in a position for a long time actually has great professional value.

The basic standard for employees in an organization is to be competent, and the vulnerable employees who have survived have successfully passed this level without much risk.

  Persevering in a position can help you build a deep “geography.”

Familiar with the work process, organizational environment, interpersonal relationships, decision-making process, key person situation, repeated drills on the job, horizontal collaboration, long-term observation of ins and outs, and success and failure will provide you with the best possible decisions and actionsFavorable information and environmental support.

  People and.

Almost all managers and supervisors have a contradictory mentality towards vulnerable workers.

Vulnerable employees are ignored because they are not troublesome, do not cause problems, and have strong controllability.

The “harmony” goals of disadvantaged employees are no one to insult, no one to oppose, no one to do bad things, and to maintain others’ low psychological expectations for you.

If you can refuse to help you because of your weakness, it is a high level of “harmony”.

  When time and persistence create your “geography, harmony”, only when “day in time” is realistic.

Let’s see what happens when “Time” comes!

  Once you seize an opportunity, speak amazingly on important occasions, or make achievements in key events, you will immediately be stunned, become a star in the workplace, and get great returns.

  Because, you exceed the expectations, bring the double surprise of performance and talents to the organization, and have a sensational effect.

It’s also because a star like you is deeply solid, has no arrogance, is hardworking, and is good value for money.

Above all, know the true meaning of success.

  Hold on, keep working hard!

Revealed: Makeup tools also need to bath _1

Demystified: Makeup tools also need a “bath”

Guide: makeup becomes more and more flowers, sometimes not the cause of cosmetics.
Beauty experts said that many women have not formed the awareness that makeup tools are “consumables”, making cleaning and maintenance of makeup tools into “dead corners”, and cultivating the habit of “showering” makeup tools regularly can not only extend makeupTool life can also make your makeup look more transparent.
Makeup tools need to be cleaned regularly to make them more handy.
  ■ 分类清洁  刷子类 洗发水+温水清洗刷毛  清洁对象:胭脂刷、大面刷、眼影刷等  清洁用品:纸巾、洗发水、清水  清洁频率:刷子上的毛色发灰,就该用水和清洁剂开始Cleaned up.
  步骤  1。Moisten the brush with water and gently rub the bristles with warm water with a small amount of shampoo.
Rinse the bristles with a thin stream of water until no foam is present.
Press the dry bristles with a clean paper towel.
Organize the bristles into the ideal shape, and lay them flat on the table to air dry.
Frequent cleaning is easy to deform.[Reminder]Frequent cleaning is easy to deform. Brush cleaning too frequently may cause deformation of the brush.
Some people are accustomed to putting the brush upside down in the pen holder after cleaning it, and it is easy to cause the bristles to spread and deform. It should also be noted that after the brush is flat, it must be covered with the brush’s own cover to protectThe bristles don’t deform it.
If you are really anxious to let the brush dry quickly, you can use a hair dryer to blow it a little far away, taking care not to blow the bristles into shape.
  海绵类 清洁频率依肤质而定  清洁对象:化妆海绵、眼影棒等  清洁用品:水、中性洗涤剂  清洁频率:海绵类化妆工具的清洁频率和肤质的关系比较大,如果是油性肤质, The frequency of cleaning should be higher, because the makeup sponge is easy to stain the face oil, once the cleaning is not timely, it will also affect the effect of solid powder.
  步骤  1。Soak the sponge in water with a neutral detergent (such as hand sanitizer).
Squeeze the sponge with your hands to squeeze out the water and dirt in it.
The running water flushed the sponge.
Use a paper towel to dry the water.
Exposure will make the sponge hard.[Reminder]Exposure will make the sponge hard. You must not rub hard when cleaning sponge tools, especially when cleaning sponge-wrapped tools such as eyeshadow sticks, otherwise it is easy to rub the sponge.
After cleaning, some people like to expose to the sun for disinfection. This is not advisable, it will harden and age the sponge and affect the makeup effect.
Sponge tools are consumables. If you find that the sponge starts to harden and the edges start to break, it is time to prompt you to change to a new tool.
  After drying, lightly rub the powder puffs. After drying, lightly rub the cleaning products: water, neutral detergent, cleaning frequency: the puff’s suede starts to change color or oily, you need to clean.
  步骤  1。Add neutral detergent to the water and soak the puff for 35 minutes.
Rinse with water until the detergent is completely clean.
Clip the puff on a hanger to dry.
After drying, rub it first, and then use the puff to restore the soft state.
眉梳最易被忽略  眉梳最易被忽略  ■ 卫生死角  眉梳是最容易被忽略掉的“卫生死角”,因为它本身的颜色较深,而且很少直接对着化妆品使用,所以很多人不You will notice that it is dirty.
In fact, after finishing the eyebrows with the eyebrow comb, if you feel that the color of the eyebrows is still dark, it means that your eyebrow comb needs to be cleaned, otherwise you will find that the eyebrow color is getting darker and deeper after the eyebrow combing.

Eating glutinous rice in the summer is good for the body

Eating glutinous rice in the summer is good for the body

Glutinous rice is a cereal with high nutritional value. In addition to protein, traces and impurities, it is also rich in calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamins B1, B2 and so on.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that glutinous rice has a sweet and warm taste, enters the spleen, kidney and lung meridians, and has the effects of nourishing qi, strengthening the spleen, and regenerating and deodorizing sweat.

The summer diet pays attention to conditioning the spleen and stomach, and eating glutinous rice is very beneficial.

  For people with weak qi, weak spleen and stomach, and even frequent diarrhea in summer, glutinous rice has a good tonic effect.

Porridge with yam can strengthen the spleen and stomach; boil lotus seeds together to stop diarrhea; if you have a loss of appetite, you can cook glutinous rice with pork belly and eat it. After soaking the glutinous rice for half an hour, put it in the pork belly and stew it.After cooking, eat meat and soup. Take out the glutinous rice and dry it.

  Glutinous rice is high in calcium and has the effect of strengthening bones and teeth.

The black glutinous rice can be soaked and filled in a cloth bag, tied with a thread, then stewed with pork bones, etc., and then cooked soup, then take out the glutinous rice in the bag, cook porridge for several times, and have the effect of nourishing the stomach.

  In addition, eating black glutinous rice often has the effect of nourishing the kidney (Chinese medicine believes that black gas enters the kidney, and black is more tonifying the kidney).

Black glutinous rice cooked with wolfberry can cure dizziness, tinnitus caused by liver and kidney deficiency, sore waist and knees, etc. Black glutinous rice can also make hair black and shiny, and it is best cooked with mulberry and black sesame.

  It should be noted that glutinous rice is not easy to digest, and the elderly and children should not eat more.

In addition, glutinous rice has astringent effect, such as eating glutinous rice causes constipation, you can drink some carrot soup to resolve.

People with oily faces are more unhealthy?

How to care for oily skin


People with oily faces are more unhealthy?
How to care for oily skin

What should I do if the two ends always produce oil?

Especially in recent days, the weather is getting hotter and hotter, and people with oily acne muscle can’t really hurt.

According to the latest news data, people who have oily bodies are more unhealthy than people who do not oily often. So how to care for oily skin?

What misunderstandings did you surround during the nursing process?

Let ‘s take a look together.

  What misunderstanding do you surround?

  1, because the oil is out of water, I believe many girls have heard some beauty salons and store salespeople say that the oil is because of skin dehydration. Be sure to apply the mask every day. If you apply the mask every day, your skin will be over hydrated.The problem is that adding too much water makes the face more oily. The oily skin is mainly due to the increase in temperature, the more oil is secreted from the skin, and the skin will oil out to protect the skin from

  2. Excessive cleaning Some girls with oily acne skin like to clean excessively and want to have no oil at all. Wash them many times a day, or use some scrub-type facial cleansers, plus a face washer.Not useless, it can protect your skin to a certain extent. Excessive cleansing will damage your skin and easily become sensitive skin with oily and dry inside.

  3, the pursuit of refreshing sunscreen is not easy to feel oily and greasy when the temperature rises, especially girls sometimes go out, pursue refreshment, do not even apply sunscreen, I knew that UV damage to the skin is very large, not sunscreenEven skin care products have no effect. As long as you choose sunscreen products that are suitable for you, girls with oily acne muscles won’t be lubricious when they apply sunscreen. You must go out to sunscreen when you go out.

  How to properly care for oily skin?

  1. Use a cleansing foam to clean gently. Because oily skin is more prone to oiling in summer, some oily girls like to use cleansing products with strong cleaning power, but it is really not suitable for daily use. It even takes away moisture from the face and is easy to change.It is easy to be allergic, Xiaobian recommends using foam-type amino acid cleansing products to get a gentle cleansing, and you can use warm water to wash your face when there is not much oil on the face in the morning.

  2. Wash your face in hot and cold water first. Wash your face with hot water to open the pores, clean all the stains in the pores, and try to control the temperature of the water at about 40 degrees. When washing your face with hot water, use a facial cleanser and soap.Waiting for cleaning supplies, do not use when washing your face with cold water. This method is recommended to wash your face at least twice a day, morning and evening.

  3. Pay attention to sun protection. As a delicate girl, sun protection work must be done all year round, not to mention that the ultraviolet rays are so strong in summer. Oily girls must remember to apply sun protection products in the last step of skin care. Do not feel greasyDo not apply, otherwise it is easy to become dark and old, you can choose some sunscreen that suits you, it is best to be more refreshing, sun protection index is not low.

  4. Replacement of light oil and water-based skin care products. For oily girls, there is not much oil in winter, but the oil condition is not used in summer. The skin care products in winter need to be updated.This kind of skin care products can not cause a burden on your skin. Hydrating products can be used to moisturize and moisturize. It is a relatively refreshing product. If you need a cream in summer, you do n’t need to buy it.

Why does sports make people happy?

Why does sports make people happy?

The VGF gene can have many health benefits from antidepressant exercise. In addition to stimulating vitality in various parts of the body, it can also make people feel happy and effectively combat depression.

Doctors also often encourage people with depression to exercise moderately when treating them.

However, why can exercise fight depression?

The principle has not been understood by the scientific community.

  Recently, Yale University researchers in Ronald?

Under the leadership of Professor Duman, he finally discovered the principle behind exercise anti-depression.

It turned out to be in a brain gene called VGF.

  Professor Duman and his colleagues compared the brains of mice that had been moved to those that did not move, and found that a gene called VGF was particularly active in the brains of mice that did not move.The mouse brain is not active.

  Researchers further discovered in the study that VGF exerts a strong antidepressant response in the mouse brain when it works.

Gene mutations in VGF in mice make them less active and produce the opposite effect.

  ”This study provides direct evidence for discovering the principles of exercise against depression.

“Doman said.

According to media reports, this discovery almost highlights the nature of exercise, and provides a completely new idea for the development of antidepressants.

  Professor Duman noted, “Using exercise to activate the VGF gene and use it in the development of antidepressants is better than current chemical antidepressants because it is already in the brain.

Depression affects one in five people According to a global statistic, one in five people will experience depression at some stage in their lives.

In the UK, more than 2.9 million people are diagnosed with depression.

And three-quarters of cases of depression have not been adequately identified and treated in a timely manner.

  There are also statistics in the United Kingdom that show that 1 in 6 people with severe depression end their lives by suicide, and 70% of the recorded suicides are some degree of depression.

Happiness may be inherited

Happiness may be inherited

People may worry about the happiness of wireless reception in the future.

New heritage studies will explain all of this to us.

Previous research has taught us that 50% of happiness comes from environmental factors, certain physical health, relationships and careers, and the remaining 50% is inherited.

  The latest research results show that the effects of extreme genetic effects on happiness are more pronounced.

That is, heritable personality traits have a great influence on the heredity of happiness.

Researchers say that with the right, heritable qualities, someone must be able to stay happy even under stress.

  Researchers tell us that these qualities-including positive, communicative, due diligence and optimism-are related to happiness-and these are all inheritable.

Genes and the pursuit of happiness Bates and colleagues of the University of Edinburgh, Dr. Alexander, and Dr. Michel have been studying the subject of happiness for the past 15 years.

  Their latest study was this: They organized more than 900 pairs of twins, some of which were identical and some were not.

Then ask them to complete a standard questionnaire.

The purpose of this questionnaire is to identify their personality qualities.

  Dr. Alexander mentioned in a latest press release that, in addition to life and freedom, happiness is also a core pursuit of people.

Despite the possible external influences of happiness, researchers have found some heritable components of happiness.

And these components can be well explained by the genetic structure of personality.

  Establishing goals and gaining happiness Bates adds that the finding is not to say that people who do not have a genetically happy personality are destined to live a painful and depressed life.

  Researchers are studying whether using these happiness-related personalities can make people happy.

Early research suggests that this is possible.

  Set goals and then complete them.

This is a common feature of many people who are dedicated.

And the quality of due diligence is also inseparable from happiness.

Bates said that once people start working hard toward their goals, their happiness index will keep rising.

When they lose their job goals, their happiness index drops rapidly.

  Some people are inherently goal-oriented, so behavior can bring them happiness and joy-natural or not.

Those who are naturally active and communicative seem to be happier.

Therefore, it is very important for those who are born to be introverts.

  Can money buy happiness?

  This research project lasted for more than 20 years and clearly showed that genes play a very important role in happiness.

  Bates says environmental factors do work, but their long-term impact is limited.

Many studies have shown that the rich are not necessarily happier than the poor, and even those who are severely disabled may get real happiness.

Bates added that there are people who have to think about it and maintain a certain level of happiness regardless of the conditions.

  This research also shows that happiness and joy have a great relationship with responsibility and fulfillment.

  Bates concluded that there are many different ways to pursue happiness.

In addition to what we mentioned above, being humble, doing what you want to do, being willing to communicate, staying optimistic, and being aggressive must also play a role.

Winter beauty soup to resist cold

Winter beauty soup to resist cold

Sword bean pigeon broth: production: first wash the pigeons offal, clean the blood with boiling water, put it in a stew pot, cook the pigeon meat, then wash the condiments, slice the yam, and addCook in the pan for another 20 minutes. Add the seasoning and boil and serve.

  Ingredients: 30 grams of sea cucumber, 30 grams of mussels, 120 grams of lamb, 2 scallions, 5 slices of ginger, 3 jujubes, 1/2 cup of wine, 2 tsp of salt.

  Production: Wash the lamb, slice it with hot water, and slice the sea cucumber after soaking. If the mussels are dry, soak them in rice wine for 2 hours.

Put the lamb, sea cucumber, and mussels in the pot while cooking. Add the seasoning and cook for a few hours until the soup is thick and ready to eat.