[How to make poplar mushrooms]_how to do_how to do

[How to make poplar mushrooms]_how to do_how to do

In some beneficial bacteria environment, we can find a lot of fungi.

Everyone knows that fungi have good nutritional value and anti-cancer effect.

But different mushrooms have different cooking methods and tastes.

Poplar mushrooms, also known as poplar mushrooms, are generally the most popular cooking method for people to make soup, so that they can best taste the delicious and nutritional value of poplar mushrooms.

When the poplar mushroom is mature, the content of dietary fiber in the fruiting body is the highest in the stalk. Therefore, the cap and stalk of the poplar mushroom can give people different flavors and textures.rich.

According to information, the mushroom body contains reducing sugar29.

96%, total sugar 54.

36%, crude protein 27.

51%, rich in amino acid content, the body has eight essential amino acids, including lysine content of up to 1.


Therefore, poplar mushroom is a toadstool with high edible value.

(1) Fresh-selling poplar mushrooms are mainly fresh-selling, and the picked poplar mushrooms are classified in time.

High-quality mushrooms require dark red caps, thick, uniform size, and unopened umbrellas; stipes are thick, nearly white, and uniform in length.

After opening the umbrella, the fungus folds become brown, the stalks merge, and the twisted ones are inferior products.

Cut off the mushroom roots with culture material, and the weight of fresh mushrooms is 100?
500 grams, can be marketed in fresh-keeping bags.

There are a large number of them, which can be classified first. Extra-quality mushrooms (hemisphere-shaped mushroom caps, consistent size, bright colors, thick handles, nearly white, neat length) are packed in plastic small trays with plastic wrap.Mid-city for hotels or supermarkets.

If it can’t be processed in time, it can be stored in a cold storage, refrigerator (cabinet) at low and medium temperature 4?
5 days.

If the production volume is large, it can be dehydrated and processed into dry products. The dry products have a strong flavor, and they are crisp and fresh after soaking in water.

Poplar mushroom is one of the edible fungi that is difficult to keep fresh and transported.

The harvest should be sold as soon as possible. After 48 hours, the quality is significantly reduced.

At present, the most commonly used method of keeping fresh is to add the picked mushrooms to 15?
The air-conditioned room at 20 ° C is air-dried to 80%, and then packed in a plastic bag or a foam box, with 4?
6 layers of better absorbent toilet paper cover, sealed and refrigerated, the temperature is 5?
10 ℃, during the transportation, the mushroom body should be properly compressed so that the mushroom body will not vibrate in the packaging container, avoid damage due to vibration, and shorten the preservation time.

If handled properly, it can be kept fresh for about 5 days.

If quick freezing is used, vacuum seal after packaging.

Precooled to 0?
5 ° C, then lower the temperature to below -39 ° C.

After quick freezing, refrigerate it below -18 ° C, and its freshness period can reach more than one year.

(2) The dry flavor of dried poplar mushroom is also good. The processing of poplar mushroom is mainly dry.

The dried poplar mushrooms are of good quality and can be produced on a scalable scale. The dried mushroom body flakes are powdered and more resistant to storage.

When baking, first heat the drying chamber to about 40 ° C in advance to remove internal moisture.

Then send the fresh mushrooms into the baking room and start 1?
Keep it at about 30 ℃ for about 2 hours, and then adjust the temperature to 45?
50 ° C, adjust to about 60 ° C after 5 hours, and continue to bake for about 3 hours.
During the drying process, pay attention to the ventilation in the baking room to ensure the quality of baking.
After drying, the volume of the mushroom body is below 10%.

After cooling, store it in a sealed plastic bag.

The dried poplar mushrooms are highly hygroscopic and easy to return to moisture, so they should be kept tightly closed during storage.