Single day

Single day

Being single is of course a state. Being single, it can also be a choice or a declaration, but there is such a woman who runs single as a brand, and this woman looks very beautiful, even beautiful, she is stillVery talented, writing plays, opening columns, and publishing books, so I have to worry about surprise and envy.

This woman is Wu Nan.

  Before the single day, Guangzhou TV’s “Women’s Time and Space” specially produced a program for her-“The Single Day”.

It takes a lot of courage to go to this kind of show. A lot of people at the scene think that you are full of talents and talents. Why look for a man?

Isn’t this person sick?

Although a single nobleman sounds good, not everyone can afford it-once you say that you are a proud and dear beautiful deer, and then you say that you are a sick and sick cat of Luo Tuo; once you say that you are brave and smartThe strong general, for a while, said that you were a defeated soldier who evaded responsibility; for a while, that you were the new darling of fashion, and when you were lonely and hiding, that was another kind of . Wang Nan that day should be said to be a sick cat, sickThe hospital, came out after asking for leave, but as soon as he got in front of the camera, Wu Nan was full.

The host joked, “I know why you don’t have a man. Your name is broken. Wu Nan is no man.”

However, Wu Nan was sincerely ranked. I am single, but I am free.

  Yeah, just for this freedom, Wu Nan can “my morning starts at noon”, can buy clothes for thousands of dollars, just take a few beautiful photos of singles in the afternoon, can eat French dinner today, drink plain water tomorrowCold buns, you can go out crazy when you are happy all night and shut yourself down for a month.

  Such days are of course indulgent and joyful, but over time, will there be other distress.

“Single happiness”, this phrase just appears to be particularly tragic for many women, because it whitewashes a lot of loneliness and sadness that can’t be easily spoken, so is Wu Nan the same?

I used to ask her “gossip” so why don’t you talk about love, talk about love, or find a lover.

She smiled and said, is it necessary?

“Don’t find a lover” is Wu Nan’s slogan, and “Suiyuan” is Wu Nan’s attitude towards feelings.

Although it’s all vernacular, it’s true.

  Wu Nan is actually not short of men. On the contrary, Wu Nan is very manly.

No matter in which circle, because of her beauty and wisdom, Wu Nan has always been the focus of men’s attention. Wu Nan does not hold friendly relations with them, so in this sense, she has many “boy” friends.

  Wu Nan’s emotional world is by no means deserted.

“Along the way, you and I, together, have fun and enjoy the taste of Mai Yuhua, the mood kingdom .”-This is the end of Wu Nan’s prose.

Can a woman who writes such beautiful and emotional sentences be women who do not understand love?

  I choose to be single for that freedom, to have that independent personality and the confidence to survive.

Suiyuan, because a career can be planned, love can never be arranged.

Wait, wait for the trembling moment in that life . Niuzi’s story “Niuzi”, which is a pen name of Wu Nan.

Wu Nan said, I like these two words-“girl” very much, because it brings me back to my childhood and back to my hometown.

  More than ten years ago, a little girl filled in the Chinese Department of Sun Yat-Sen University on her college entrance examination volunteer form, just because she found in the admissions brochure that the South China University had a dreamlike green meadow.
She said to her mother, “Sun Yat-sen University is as beautiful as a park. I will return after reading four years.

“After four years, the girl didn’t go back. The girl stayed in the hot and prosperous but prosperous south. With the few dramas she created during her college days, she entered the Cantonese Theatre and didProfessional screenwriter.

  The girl said: “What I am enamored with and love is the heavy stage surrounded by three black velvet curtains.

“Because of this fascination, the girl wrote the experimental drama” AIDS, AIDS “, and wrote a large-scale drama” Urban Dreaming “.

And because the girl was really a girl who couldn’t rest, she began to write TV series: “Time Doll”, “Days Like Water”, and also participated in the creation of “Heroes Without Regret”.

The girl likes to write biographies. She said that the story of the host often makes her feel wonderful. The 330,000-character “Houhou’s Family Biography” was written to the girl with hard work and excitement.The book market responded well.

The greedy girl is not satisfied, and she has opened essay columns in newspapers in Guangzhou, Hong Kong and other places: “Fashion Story”, “Exquisite Life”, “Skylight Slang”. Just looking at these column names, you can imagine thatIt’s some great ingenious text.

All this, in Niu Zi’s own words, is called “owning the stage, and gently crossing the stage .” As a friend, I often feel ashamed of the girl’s vigorous talent and extraordinary strength.At that time, I would like to see, in that log-scented hut, the girl lit a table lamp with a painted pottery cover, a pot of hot new tea or a rich fragrant coffee, a touch of music, a light thought, sent fromOne end hangs down, the girl lowers her head, writes on a thick piece of manuscript paper, writes . Forever woman “fashion dance, stepping on the flying debris of grass and flowers, rocking and rolling to ——Life, often start like this . “This is the inscription of Wu Nan ‘s recently published personal picture collection” Hongyan “. This beautiful woman has a natural perception of beauty, and good art training, both make herChoosing becomes a poetic pursuit.

  In “Hong Yan”, Wu Nan wrote her exquisitely swaying earrings, her voluptuous and enchanting bracelets, her “clothing mood”, and her “mood background”.

Wu Nan likes the Australian “Sheraton” brand of gorgeous flower cloth with painting touch, like rattan blue grass baskets sold on streets, and simple earthen pots filled with large clusters of dried flowers, candle sesame oilIt exudes a dreamy fragrance in the air, and likes to sit and chat with a good friend holding hot tea on a wet and cold night in winter, while the small stove in the kitchen grumbles the aroma of beef sauce . This stylish woman has a childA heart that is pure and playful, sometimes lightly wrapped in makeup, sometimes red and green, no worries.

A few years ago, Wu Nan participated in the “International Symposium on Contemporary Chinese Drama” in Hong Kong Antiques. The famous playwright Sha Yexin saw Wu Nan on stage and couldn’t help but call her “Miss Christmas Tree” because of this combThe girl with a fragile marijuana flower is in a strange costume and is full of fun and funny gadgets.

A few years later, Wu Nan went to the theater for further studies, and Sha Yexin gave Wu Nan a teething ceremony. She invited her to eat in Shanghai ‘s most famous atmosphere restaurant, watching Wu Nan gobbling up, and could n’t help laughing: “ChildEat slowly, save me some face, otherwise I can only tell the waiter that I picked it up from the road.

“This lovely woman also has a biggest hobby-taking pictures.Anyone familiar with Wu Nan knows that she is a veritable “photographer”. In her thick album, it is her collection of nearly 10,000 photos.

Wu Nan never enters the photo studio. She likes real beauty. When I wrote this article, she also told me beautifully that she bought thousands of pieces in one go in order to match the pictures of a fashion publication outside the province.Money clothes.

She said to me, do n’t spend so much money eating, drinking, and having fun in the future, it ‘s better to buy clothes and take pictures. This is an invisible “spiritual wealth”.

  I have a photo that Wu Nan gave me: sitting on the concrete steps, short hair, slightly sideways head, mystery beyond smile, a pair of floral shoes, a blue-bottomed floral cloth, dull white cotton linenThe bag was slanting obliquely, with five words on it-“Forever Woman”.

Yeah, Wu Nan, girl, this forever woman . her writing, her dress, and her aesthetics are so gorgeous, friends like to use “colorful Wu Nan”, “”Exaggerated Wu Nan” to describe her, no matter what, a single woman in her thirties needs great courage to make her life better every day.

  There is always a reason for color, and there is always a sense of fashion in fashion. When Wu Nan, a “Beijing girl” living in Guangzhou, built and operated a single as a brand, we saw a dancing personBeautiful flower butterfly .