Five modes of job search

Five modes of job search

First, the horse-style horse-style is the form of recruitment fair.

Whether it is a large or small dialogue, it is like a bazaar.

In the past few years, the title conference was very popular in Beijing. Various job fairs were released on TV, newspapers and radio stations, and the scale became larger and larger.

From its nature, it is run by the government and hosted by the head office of each bureau, as well as trade unions and women’s federations.

There are more and more participating in the conference. There were more than four large-scale recruitment fairs held in our city last year alone. There were more than 13,000 participating units, an increase of 10% over the previous year.Everyday is scarce.

The seminar has its own advantages: it is very intuitive, employers and job seekers can communicate face-to-face, understand each other, and it works quickly, and sometimes they can reach an agreement on the spot.

  Second, the matching type is different from the horse-style type. The matching type of employment introduction uses modern technology to enter job search information on the internal information release network. Recruitment units can directly see the applicable talents from above.Use the touch screen provided by the employment agency to find the job you are looking for.

Although the two sides did not meet, the purpose could be achieved.

For example, the Beijing Labor and Social Security Bureau’s Beijing labor network has formed a secondary management. The secondary network includes eight districts and counties and 25 bureau headquarters. The tertiary network has begun to extend to the streets.

The biggest characteristic of using this kind of internal network is that, by publishing information by itself, the blindness of the conversation meeting is overcome and the success rate is improved.

Employers and job applicants can inquire information from the Internet at any time.

Compared with seminars, it is more flexible, while saving time and money, and is popular with employers and job seekers.

It is difficult for those with weak job search ability to achieve employment success in this way.

  Third, the guiding style is a more comprehensive and practical way of job introduction based on the matching style.

It is of great help to people with employment difficulties and students facing employment.

At present, a considerable number of laid-off workers have difficulties in finding jobs because they are too old, low in culture, and single-skilled, and it is difficult to find a satisfactory job.

In addition, some people’s ideas are still the same as they were in the planned economy. They need to guide the personnel to integrate and guide them ideologically, conceptually, and grasping policies.

For newly graduated students, most of them have a perfect dream for the future, but it is difficult to give everyone a satisfactory answer in real life.

Therefore, these people also need to be given employment assistance and employment guidance.

It is necessary to take a one-on-one, face-to-face vocational guidance for these people, to provide job seekers with a full range of services such as employment plan design, job search methods and skills, policy and regulatory consulting, employment psychoanalysis, job recommendation, and vocational training.

The success rate of vocational guidance is relatively high. If the success rate of the bridle-style connection meeting is 5%, the matching type can reach 15%, and the vocational guidance type is higher than 20%. The vocational guidance type is currently a widely used occupation in the worldMeans of introduction.
  Fourth, media-style newspapers in Beijing so far have opened up recruitment sections in order to better serve readers. There is a full-page recruitment information every week, and tofu blocks that can be seen every day.You can’t avoid it.

Too many units are saying “urgent employment” and “high-paying sincere employment”.

Therefore, the author collected some recent newspapers and called the 30 recruitment units. Please see the following figure: 17 have been recruited, accounting for 56% of the total; 6 continue to recruit, accounting for20% of the total number; 4 companies with unrestricted recruitment, accounting for 13% of the total; 2 outdated information, accounting for 6% of the total; 1 company with no answering phone, accounting for 3% of the total

What is the reason for the above situation?

The author believes that there are several reasons. One is that the recruitment effect is very good. The other is that the registration requires a certain interval, which is converted for three days. It has grown for more than a week and has participated in job fairs. The third is that some units have recruited.Not so many positions, some two or three, and some recruit only one.

It can be seen that the current recruitment methods have strong vitality.

  Fifth, the web-based hundreds of career websites provide thousands of job opportunities, and at the same time, there are tens of thousands of job applicants’ resumes.

Too many people’s resumes are written seamlessly. No matter what talent you need, they will appear on the screen. Some people with real talents will often be watched by the entire unit.

Too many newly graduated college students occasionally try a small job on the computer network, but I did not expect to find a suitable job soon.

And wages are not low.

According to relevant reports, the success rate of online recruitment has reached 13%, and this number is expected to increase later.

With the development of science and technology, people work and work hard for fast ways, and seeking employment through computer networks is the long-term preferred way for people.

Recruiters consider the Internet to be a huge source of information and meet new job seekers and future partners every day.

However, the recruitment process cannot be done solely via the Internet.

Even if the job site’s work efficiency is quite high, without the intervention and assistance of the above-mentioned various methods, the specific details of the employer’s work, the culture, and the personal needs of the job seeker cannot be well communicated.

Finding the right talent or job seeker through the Internet is not always possible.

The path to online job development is still long.