[If you look at the hair, you can feel if you are a small gun]

[If you look at the hair, you can feel if you are a “small gun”]

Hair is one of the signs of a person’s “second sexuality”, and it is also the only sexuality one can show off publicly. A hair, a pleasing hairstyle, often brings a kind of joy from the heart.

The beauty, elegance, softness, and charming feminine beauty that it advertises and displays, as well as the thick, bold, and chic masculinity, are all reflections of the cultural connotation of human sex.

Does hair reflect sexual performance?

Three characteristics of youth as before: thick, dark, bright and harmonious sex life, can promote hair growth.

Mortal people still have thick, dark, bright hair after middle age. Most of them have the same sexual function and youthful vitality.

Decreased sexual depression and reduced hair growth, sexual dysfunction often cause hair disorders, thinning hair, and severe increase, which is also one of the signs of decreased sexual performance.

Some men are afraid of baldness because hair has a symbolic effect, and baldness is often a symbolic weakness.

Hair has both a special sexual meaning and a hidden gene of emotion. It is no wonder that the ancients described it as “three thousand troubles”. In modern times, some people call it a unique body language with excessive sexual information symbols.

From this point of view, how can a man or a woman not cherish the hair on his head?