Will my child pick up early or late in kindergarten?

Will my child pick up early or late in kindergarten?

This is a topic that can be discussed and a more realistic one.

There have always been divergent views on this topic, each with its own reason.

We are not here to discuss the long-term education of the child, the short-term education of the child, the child’s ability to adapt to the outside, the development of the child’s character, and other aspects of the child according to different family member conditions.

  I hope everyone can take a moment to consider this topic and analyze the advantages and disadvantages of picking up children early and late.

  Early pick-up is to comfort the children. My children are picked up early.

Definitely I pick it up or pick it up. They all waited at the door early, rushed in first when they opened the door, lay on the door to see what the child was doing in the classroom, and had a good time.

  Although the child is very willing to go to kindergarten now, we still want to see what kind of activities the child has in kindergarten and have first-hand information, haha.

I think this is what every parent cares about.

  Moreover, I think the parents in our class are the most active. Many parents do n’t rush to work in the morning after sending their children, and stay at the door for a while (I often do) to see what the children are doing;Among the parents waiting at the door early in the evening, a large proportion of the parents in our class (it seems that everyone’s mood is the same, and they want to see their children as soon as possible).

I don’t know what attitude the teachers in our class have towards this practice?

Isn’t it disgusting?

  I think it’s psychologically comforting to pick up the child earlier. He will think that the parents care about him very much. Some children in our class are afraid that the parents will not pick up and fear that the parents will forget. Ha, the child thinks differently from our adults.

Besides, if conditions permit, picking up early will also ease the workload of the teachers, everyone is happy.


(Parent Yuyu mother) The early pick-up was because the child had a lot of expectations. The son asked that night, “Go pick me up several times tomorrow.” From his words, it can be trimmed. After the child has been playing for a day, he wants the mostThe parents who eagerly met must be the parents, especially when they met other children, and they were taken away by the parents. There was a kind of expectation in his heart.

In order not to let the children wait anxiously, I or my mother tried to wait outside the door early, and rushed to the classroom as soon as the door was opened. As you can see from the door, every child is looking forward to it. If you see the parents,Every child is jumping for joy, and the child’s psychology is like this, for fear that parents will not want them.

  (Parent Huang Li and Dad) Ning waits for three minutes and does not grab a second. In fact, the child really wants his parents to pick it up early. He did n’t see his closest relatives for a day, so the children were a few minutes before school., Emotions are always more impetuous!

  For the questions answered in the morning and evening, it still depends on the time when the parents get off work!

  Our teacher gets off work at 5:30, and the children in our third class usually pick up all before 5:30.

Before the pick-up time, the teacher would always accompany the children to play with toys and read books . Parents need not worry.

  Are there any children who must ask their parents to rush into the class first? That is not necessary. What if everyone crowds at the door and squeezes into the child?

Moreover, there are too many parents at the entrance, and it is difficult for the teacher to see which parent is picking up.

Don’t grab these minutes.

  I suggest that Pippi also said every day when she first entered the park, “Mom, please pick me up soon!

“But recently she has fully adapted and enjoyed kindergarten life, and she no longer tinkers with me about picking her up earlier.

I can’t pick her up from one minute from the beginning until now.

  It is really impossible to enjoy the noisy sounds and unusually crowded scenes at the entrance of the classroom just after school.

So it’s too late.

At first, I was worried that Pippi would cry when she saw other kids being picked up, but she did n’t experience it once. On the contrary, when I appeared later, I saw that she was picking up with a few who were late.The children played well together, and sometimes helped the teacher to move the chair or something. It was good. Seeing that I appeared to work harder, it seemed that I would show her the usual good side.

And you can have more time to learn more about her situation from the teacher.