What to do if the child does not like to eat and picky eaters-

What to do if the child does not like to eat and picky eaters?

Click-to-buy people often encounter such problems. Children who eat poorly are also partial. If this phenomenon persists for a long time, it is still very unfavorable to the growth and development of children.

In this critical period of development, it is still important to add sufficient nutrition and develop a good diet, so as to continuously improve the child’s health, so what should children do if they do not like to eat and picky eaters?

  1. Reduce foods beyond meals.

Although it is necessary to give snacks, it should not be overdone, especially if junk foods are not given in order to prevent children from eating more snacks and causing them to eat upside down.

  2. Promote your child’s appetite.

If the child is not hungry, of course, he ca n’t eat. If the parents just force the child to eat, it will cause adverse effects. Try to promote the child ‘s appetite, such as: increase his activity, his belly really feels hungry, naturally it will notResist eating.

If the baby has a bad appetite, parents can appropriately take a proprietary Chinese medicine with a small appetite for the baby.

  3, take great care and make changes in the dishes.

In a balanced diet, parents can substitute a variety of foods for rice and noodles on weekdays.

For example, sometimes potatoes are used as the main course, and some vegetables are served together to have a nutritious and hearty meal.

  4. Involve children in the cooking process.

For example: go to the market to buy food, help to bring home, wash the fruit together . etc., you can even ask your child’s opinions and ask your child to help you cook together. The child can not only have a sense of participation but also understand how to cookEvery step before, long prefers to eat.

  5, add fun to eating.

When feeding your children to eat, add some relaxed and lively tone, so that eating is no longer just about eating, and turning the moment and way of eating into fun things.

In fact, many problems will be encountered during the growth of the baby. The key lies in how to solve them, and do not change anything according to your or your baby’s needs.

  The above is a clear introduction to how children do not like to eat and picky eaters, and everyone must have in mind.

No matter what causes the child’s poor appetite, they need to find ways to solve the problem. As long as they can gradually improve the child’s eating habits and continue to increase their appetite, they can eat normally.